Bourgault ParaLink™ Walking Coulter Opener

ParaLink Walking™ Opener3720 Series ParaLink Coulter Drills™ / CD Series Frame Mounted Seeders™


Contour-Ability & Consistency

The PLW™ Coulter Opener provides both Contour-Ability & Consistency

The ParaLink Walking™ Coulter Opener achieves precise seed placement while maintaining seedbed integrity. The walking action between the cleaner and gauge wheel, both of which set the seed depth, minimizes the effects of a rough surface or old seed rows on seeding depth.

The Walking Axle Advantage

The walking action of the PLW™ opener maintains a more consistent seed depth.

The ParaLink Walking™ Axle Opener design splits the opener downforce; one third at the cleaner wheel and two thirds at the packer wheel, during typical operation.  This reduces the vertical movement of the seed boot by approximately half, resulting in unprecedented seed depth consistency.

PHD bottom arm is continuous from the packer wheel to the drill frame

Cleaner Wheel

  • When going over rocks or uneven ground, for every 1" that the cleaner wheel adjusts vertically, the seed depth moves only ⅜".

The seed shank of the PHD opener travels half the vertical distance of the packer wheel

Packer Wheel

  • For every 1" that the packer wheel moves vertically, the seed depth moves only ⅝".

The walking axle design splits the opener downforce to deliver unprecedented seed depth consistency.

Seed Depth Consistency

  • When moving over smooth terrain, the seed boot follows the combined vertical movement of the cleaner/packer wheel at a 1:1 ratio.

Bourgault coulter drills, equipped with PLW™ Openers, stand above competitive units, offering superiorly precise seed placement even in challenging conditions.

an option to lock the cleaner wheel adds packing force

Cleaner Wheel Lockout

When additional packing force is required, or when there is concern of the cleaner wheel pulverizing the soil, you have the option to lock the cleaner wheel up so that the packer wheel applies 100% packing and sets the opener depth alone.

Note: Seeding depth becomes less consistent at higher seeding speeds when the cleaner wheel is locked up.  Pay extra attention when operating in this configuration.

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The PLW™ opener excels due to it's intelligent and durable design.

The renowned ParaLink Walking™ Axle Opener (PLW™) on the 3720 PCD™ delivers exceptional seeding accuracy with its unique walking axle seed depth design.

Bourgault PLW seed depth adjustment

Depth Adjustment

The pin-style depth adjustment provides seed depth changes in ¼" increments for a total of 4" of adjustment.  A cast handle is formed into the arm to aid with depth adjustment.

Locking up the cleaner wheel in PLW opener for additional packing force

Walking Axle Link

You have the option to shorten the link to lock the cleaner wheel up so that the packer wheel alone sets the opener depth. Locking up the cleaner wheel is done when additional packing force is required, or if there is concern of the cleaner wheel pulverizing the soil or stubble.

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Advanced Opener Features

Bourgault PLW™ Opener

Bourgault durability is designed into the PLR™ and PLW™ Openers:

  • parallel arm design;
  • superior coulters;
  • two cleaner wheel options; and,
  • long lasting arm pivots.

These and other common features enhance the durability and performance the Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drill™.

The parallel arm design provides both accuracy and consistency in varying field conditions


The Parallel Arm Design provides both accuracy and consistency in varying field conditions. The parallel link design prevents the angle of the seed boot from changing as it contours over the field surface. This feature maintains a consistent soil flow and optimum seed placement, resulting in more uniform emergence, even in challenging field conditions!

  • the PLW™ Opener vertical travel is 16" (+9"/-7");
  • the PLR™ Opener vertical travel is 20" (+9"/-11").


The Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drills are equipped with thick boron steel coulters

Superior Coulters for Longer Life

  • Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drills™ are equipped with 20½" diameter by .197" thick boron steel coulters.
  • The outer zone has exceptional hardness for a 20% longer life than standard coulters, but allows for flexibility around the hub.
  • The large coulter cuts through trash ensuring a good furrow is opened for the seed boot.

Two Cleaner Wheel Options

Two cleaner wheel options available

Two Cleaner Wheel options are available:

  • 3" wide wheel minimizes damage to standing stubble;
  • 4½" wide option provides increased stability in preworked or softer soils.

The spoked cleaner wheel design allows debris to exit the wheel.

Greasable Bearings

Equipped with greasable 1" diameter needle bearings with seals and hardened plated forged pins

To maximize durability, the parallel arm pivots are equipped with greasable 1" diameter needle bearings with seals and hardened and plated forged pins.

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Drill Control

Automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands

PackMaster™ & LiftMaster™

Two Drill Control features that improve both efficiency and field finish are the PackMaster™ option and the LiftMaster™ feature:

  • The PackMaster™ option provides automatic packing pressure adjustment as soil conditions change, providing more uniform results and even germination.
  • LiftMaster™ is a standard feature that allows the Operator to set the drill to automatically lift the openers at the field headlands.

Drill Control features are supported by the X35 Apollo System.

LiftMaster provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers.


LiftMaster™ Feature

Simplify with LiftMaster™; LiftMaster™ provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands, eliminating this tedious task.

LiftMaster™ is standard on:

  • 3330SE™, 3335QDA™ and 3420 ParaLink Hoe Drills™; and,
  • 3720 and 3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills™.

Drill Control adds critical control to various drill operations.

LiftMaster™ is optional on:

  • HD and CD Frame Mounted Seeders™.

All units must be paired with an air cart equipped with the X35 Apollo System.

Retrofit kits are available for previous Bourgault ParaLink™ hoe and coulter drills mated to an air cart equipped with the X35 or X30 Apollo Systems, 2015 model year or newer.

PackMaster will help Operators achieve uniform packing.

PackMaster™ Option

The PackMaster™ option achieves a uniform packing force across variable fields without manual adjustment.

PackMaster™ senses changes in the force required to maintain the seed opener in the ground and automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure to the individual opener cylinders to maintain the packing pressure set by the Operator at the beginning of the field.

Models Available with PackMaster™:

  • 3330SE PHDs™
  • 3335QDA PHDs™
  • 3420 PHDs™
  • 3720 PCDs™

How PackMaster works

How It Works

One packer wheel spindle is equipped with a load cell that measures the actual packing force exerted on the ground by that packer tire:

  1. as the draft force increases;
  2. more force is required to keep the opener in the ground, reducing the force being applied by the packer wheel;
  3. this reduction is detected by the load cell, which sends a signal to the X35 Apollo System;
  4. the X35 Apollo System instructs the hydraulic system to increase the pressure;
  5. the increase in pressure increases the downforce at the hydraulic cylinder to restore the desired packing pressure.

The Operator must first calibrate the system and then set the desired packing force before seeding starts. 

If you encounter a wet patch of soil while seeding, the system provides an "Emergency Float" option that allows you to turn off the down pressure, allowing you to "float" through the trouble spot without getting stuck!

Bourgault Model 500 Control Box

Manual Opener Control

If the X35 is not selected, the Model 500 Control Box provides precise control so you can make manual adjustments as field conditions change during operation.
  • PHD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the hoe opener/packer assembly.
  • PCD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the cleaner/packer wheel assembly.

The Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drill provides valuable feature of quick and precise control of penetration and packing force

Opener Pressure Adjustment

Along with opener up/down control, the Model 500 provides downforce adjustment on the opener assemblies.

  • Each increment of the up/down button provides a change of 50 psi of hydraulic pressure.
  • A gauge on the hydraulic block allows you to verify the hydraulic pressure being displayed on the control box.

Note: The 500 Control Box is not available with the 3420 TransFold™ PHD™.

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LDx™ Scraper Option

LDX Scraper option for low disturbance seed placement

Low Disturbance Seed Placement

If retaining precious moisture for quick germination is your primary goal, the PLW™ Opener combined with the LDx™ Scraper will meet your needs!

The LDx™ Scraper presents a very narrow profile, resulting in minimal soil disturbance. The seed and safe rates of fertilizer are directed to the bottom of the furrow, then firmly pressed into the soil with the trailing seed firmer.

LDx™ Scraper Construction

How It Works

  1. A flexible forward finger, located on the disk side of the scraper, helps dampen the speed of the product and direct it to the bottom of the disk cut.
  2. The trailing firmer presses the seed down into the moist seedbed.
  3. The carbide scraping edge scours the face of the disk to ensure a clean, narrow furrow.

The Semi-Pneumatic Double-Shoulder Offset Packer Wheel is recommended with the LDx™ Scraper to effectively close the soil flap achieving optimal seed-to-soil contact.

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The dw™ Scraper Option

The DW scraper is designed to address a typical challenge of coulter drills in a one pass operation

Seed Safely in Heavy Residue

The Disk Wing™ Scraper is designed to avoid hair-pinning in the seed row. Starter fertilizer is directed to the bottom of the furrow and the seed is directed to a soil shelf created by the opener to the side of the coulter furrow. If hair-pinning does occur, it will be in the disk furrow where the fertilizer is placed, leaving the seed unaffected.

  • This opener is especially useful when applying phosphate above the recommended rates, or inoculated seed such as soybeans.
  • Available on 10" and 12" spacing.

Note: The dw™ Scraper option is not available with the CD Frame Mounted Seeder™.

DX scraper parts

How It Works

  1. A discharge port on the wing of the scraper deposits the seed to the side of the furrow.
  2. A second discharge port directs starter fertilizer to the bottom of the furrow, providing separation from the seed.
  • Field finish using the DW™ Scraper is comparable to that of a hoe drill.
  • The Semi-Pneumatic Double-Shoulder Packer Wheel is highly effective when combined with the Disk Wing™ Scraper.

Straw Shield Option the straw shield option mounts onto the opener using existing hardware.  The Straw Shield has proven to help divert residue and reduce possible plugging when the drill is used in heavy residue situations.

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Packer Wheel Options

Achieve and maintain seedbed integrity with the right packer wheel

The choice of the right packer wheel is critical for achieving and maintaining seedbed integrity in your specific conditions.

  • The Semi-Pneumatic Double-Shoulder Offset Packer is effective in directing soil over the furrow, as well as closing the soil flap. This packer is recommended with the LDx™ low disturbance scraper.
  • Semi-Pneumatic Double-Shoulder Packer is recommended with the dw™ Winged Scraper.
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