3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™

3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™ParaLink™ Hoe Drills


Breaking Barriers With Each Generation

The third generation of the renowned ParaLink Hoe Drill™ line provides a range of configurations and options to meet each Producer's specific needs.
  • Available in working widths of 30' to 86';
  • 10" or 12" row spacings;
  • 3330SE™ or 3335QDA™ frame options;
  • Select from three opener designs - PLS™, PLDS™, or PLX™.
The PHD™ line has evolved, along with the needs of Producers, offering the choices of features and options for any seeding operation.


Bourgault 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™ provide better choices.

Choose from 3330SE™ or 3335QDA™

Shortly after its debut on the market, the ParaLink Hoe Drill™ became renowned for its exceptional design and strength. The 3rd generation ParaLink Hoe Drills™ have evolved into two distinct series:

  • the 3330 Standard Edition which is offered on a solid frame platform; and,
  • the 3335 Quick Depth Adjust that incorporates the quick depth adjust frame.

Refer to Specifications for complete details.

The Bourgault 3330SE PHD solid frame design offers less moving parts with opener depth set individually on each opener

3330SE ParaLink Hoe Drill™

The Standard Edition is a basic system that provides excellent land following capabilities, straightforward operation and rugged durability.

  • The proven solid frame design provides a traditional approach of adjusting seed depth strictly at the opener level.
  • The solid frame design offers less moving parts, with opener depth set individually on each opener.
  • This platform offers two opener options: the PLX™ and the PLDS™, each providing an effective independent seeding unit.

Producers have the unique ability to quickly and easily adjust seeding depth at the frame with the Bourgault 3335QDA PHD

3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drill™

  • The Quick Depth Adjust drill frame offers the unique ability to adjust seeding depth at the frame quickly and easily.
  • Adjustment shims at each running gear provides ⅛; increments, with 1¼" of total adjustment range.
  • Producers can adjust seeding depth from field-to-field and achieve the best seeding job possible without sacrificing productivity.
  • This feature is available with all three ParaLink™ opener options; the PLS™, PLX™ and PLDS™.
  • Adjust seeding depth on-the-go with the optional AccuSet™ System.

5 Year Frame Warranty

5-Year Frame Warranty

  • Built on a 3-row, 5" x 5" platform, Bourgault independent hoe drill frames are extremely robust. The 3330SE™ and 3335QDA™ Series frames further eclipse the competition with trussing on the inner wings of the 60, 66 and 76 models.
  • This latest evolution of PHDs™ is backed by an industry-leading 5-year frame warranty.
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Select Your Opener

The ParaLink™ Hoe Drill offers three different opener options.

Bourgault offers three different seed opener options:

  • ParaLink Xtreme™ (PLX™) Opener;
  • ParaLink Single™ (PLS™) Opener - 3335QDA™ only;
  • ParaLink Dual Shank™ (PLDS™) Opener.

Despite the distinct characteristics of each design, all three options incorporate the proven parallel link design to maintain consistent opener presentation to the soil during the seeding operation.

Bourgault PHD™ seed drills allow you to choose the opener and packer wheel combination that will work best for your conditions and farming techniques.


Drill Control

Automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands

PackMaster™ & LiftMaster™

Two Drill Control features that improve both efficiency and field finish are the PackMaster™ option and the LiftMaster™ feature:

  • The PackMaster™ option provides automatic packing pressure adjustment as soil conditions change, providing more uniform results and even germination.
  • LiftMaster™ is a standard feature that allows the Operator to set the drill to automatically lift the openers at the field headlands.

Drill Control features are supported by the X35 Apollo System.

LiftMaster provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers.


LiftMaster™ Feature

Simplify with LiftMaster™; LiftMaster™ provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands, eliminating this tedious task.

LiftMaster™ is standard on:

  • 3330SE™, 3335QDA™ and 3420 ParaLink Hoe Drills™; and,
  • 3720 and 3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills™.

Drill Control adds critical control to various drill operations.

LiftMaster™ is optional on:

  • HD and CD Frame Mounted Seeders™.

All units must be paired with an air cart equipped with the X35 Apollo System.

Retrofit kits are available for previous Bourgault ParaLink™ hoe and coulter drills mated to an air cart equipped with the X35 or X30 Apollo Systems, 2015 model year or newer.

PackMaster will help Operators achieve uniform packing.

PackMaster™ Option

The PackMaster™ option achieves a uniform packing force across variable fields without manual adjustment.

PackMaster™ senses changes in the force required to maintain the seed opener in the ground and automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure to the individual opener cylinders to maintain the packing pressure set by the Operator at the beginning of the field.

Models Available with PackMaster™:

  • 3330SE PHDs™
  • 3335QDA PHDs™
  • 3420 PHDs™
  • 3720 PCDs™

How PackMaster works

How It Works

One packer wheel spindle is equipped with a load cell that measures the actual packing force exerted on the ground by that packer tire:

  1. as the draft force increases;
  2. more force is required to keep the opener in the ground, reducing the force being applied by the packer wheel;
  3. this reduction is detected by the load cell, which sends a signal to the X35 Apollo System;
  4. the X35 Apollo System instructs the hydraulic system to increase the pressure;
  5. the increase in pressure increases the downforce at the hydraulic cylinder to restore the desired packing pressure.

The Operator must first calibrate the system and then set the desired packing force before seeding starts. 

If you encounter a wet patch of soil while seeding, the system provides an "Emergency Float" option that allows you to turn off the down pressure, allowing you to "float" through the trouble spot without getting stuck!

Bourgault Model 500 Control Box

Manual Opener Control

If the X35 is not selected, the Model 500 Control Box provides precise control so you can make manual adjustments as field conditions change during operation.
  • PHD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the hoe opener/packer assembly.
  • PCD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the cleaner/packer wheel assembly.

The Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drill provides valuable feature of quick and precise control of penetration and packing force

Opener Pressure Adjustment

Along with opener up/down control, the Model 500 provides downforce adjustment on the opener assemblies.

  • Each increment of the up/down button provides a change of 50 psi of hydraulic pressure.
  • A gauge on the hydraulic block allows you to verify the hydraulic pressure being displayed on the control box.

Note: The 500 Control Box is not available with the 3420 TransFold™ PHD™.

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Breakthrough Seed Depth Technology

AccuSet™2 - Set Your Seed Depth with Ease.

AccuSet™2 On-The-Go Seed Depth Adjustment

The hydraulic frame adjust 3335QDA PHD™ Series is available with the ground-breaking AccuSet™2 on-the-go seed depth adjustment option.

With ever-changing moisture conditions from field-to-field, and even within the same field, you now have the ability to "bump" your seeding depth accurately, from the seat of the tractor, allowing you to reach the moisture with ease.

Set Your Seed Depth With Your SmartPhone - AccuSet™2

Use Your Smartphone to Set Your Depth

With the incorporation of smart hydraulic cylinders, the AccuSet™2 option allows you to set the seeding depth of your 3335QDA™ from the tractor seat with a smartphone. The AccuSet™2 option will let you obtain the best seed depth setting to maximize seedling emergence, on-the-go, in varying soil and moisture conditions.  

Note: The AccuSet™2 option is only available on 3335QDA PHDs™.

Set Your Seed Depth With Your SmartPhone - AccuSet™22

Independent Bander Adjustment

  • The 3335QDA PHD™, when equipped with PLX™ Openers and AccuSet™2, allows Operators to adjust the operating depth of the Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators independently of the seed openers.
  • This is possible by taking advantage of the PLX™ one-to-one design and separate control features on the AccuSet™2 app.

AccuSet™2 Availability & Range

3335QDA™ AccuSet™2 Depth Adjustment Range of Depth Adjustment
PLX™ optional ¾"
PLS™ optional 1¼"
PLDS™ optional ½"


In the event of a failure, the seeding unit can easily be set into standard QDA mode. A hand-ball valve located on the hitch allows the operator to isolate the AccuSet™2 option and use the shims to set frame depth.

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The Hi-Flotation™ Option

3720 ICD available with the Hi-Flotation option in select sizes

Expand Your Seeding Window

The HF™ option allows you to get into the field sooner, providing your crop with an early start. In addition, HF™ provides you with confidence when traversing challenging or restrictive terrain such as soft and narrow roads.

Stay on Top with HF™

Stay on Top

The taller profile of the Hi-Flotation™ tires helps prevent the front of the drill from “diving” in in wet conditions and reduces draft in soft field conditions.

  • The large, front mainframe tires provide 65% more surface area than the standard dual tires, while the large singles on the front wing wheels increase the surface area by 27%. This much larger footprint keeps the drill on top in conditions that would cause regular seed drills to sink.
  • As much as 70% of the weight applied from the drill to the tires is transferred through the front running gear in a high draft scenario. For this reason, the majority of the additional rubber is focused on the front of the drill.

Superior Tracking

Effectively Manage Turns with HF™

  • Transport safety is greatly improved with the Hi-Flotation™ option, particularly on narrow roads with soft shoulders.
  • The wagon-style hitch provides superior tracking when negotiating narrow back roads and approaches.


Hi-Flotation Drill in Transport

Available Hi-Flotation™ options:

  • the Full Hi-Flotation™ option provides large tires on the front of the mainframe and large, single caster wheels on the front of the wings.  Larger rear wheels are also included. (available for select units)
  • the Center Hi-Flotation™ option offers large front tires with wagon-style steering on the mainframe paired with the regular dual front casters on the wings.  Larger rear wheels are also included. (available for select PCD™ units);
3330SE & 3335QDA PHD™ Full HF Main Frame Only
   60', 66', 76' Optional N/A
   80', 86' Standard N/A
3720 & 3820 PCD™
   60' Optional Optional
   70' Optional Standard
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MRB® Fertilizer Application System

Series III Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

Optimal Seed-To-Fertilizer Placement

Series III Mid Row Banders® Fertilizer Applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.

Applicators are available in two formats:

  • Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators;
  • Mid Row Shank™ Fertilizer Applicators.
Availability varies on drill types and sizes.


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PowerPlus™ Option

Bourgault PowerPlus™

Independent Electrical Supply

The new PowerPlus™ option provides independent electrical supply to the air seeding system, eliminating the need for a high current harness back to the tractor. PowerPlus combines an alternator, battery, and hydraulic motor powered by a dedicated hydraulic circuit, and is sized appropriately to minimize hydraulic requirements yet provide full electrical needs of a drill and air cart.




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