Air Planter™ 

Air Planter™

A Paradigm Shift in Sowing Capability

Air Planter™
The Bourgault Air Planter™ opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for today's progressive farmers.
This revolutionary feature will enable a Bourgault Seeding System to operate as both an air seeder or as a highly accurate planter.

How It Works.
The Bulk Fill system supplies seed gently and efficiently. The Air Planter™ System incorporates a multi stage Bulk Fill System to transfer seed from the air cart to the XP Meters™ located on the drill.
eXact Placement™ Meter System
 Bourgault’s eXact Placement Meter achieves a singulation accuracy for row crop types like corn of 99% or greater singulation and matching seed spacing performance of top established planters, on either shank or coulter openers!
What It Delivers.
Air Planter™ With the Bourgault Air Planter™ you can plant corn on one field and seed barley on the next! Why buy a planter and a small grains drill when the Bourgault Air Planter™ has the versatility to do the jobs of both!
Expanded Fertilizing Options When Planting The Bourgault Air Planter™ opens up a whole new array of fertilizing options, long out of reach for planter systems.
No Pre-Tillage Required 
The Bourgault Air Planter™ enables farmers to direct plant into heavy residue in no-till scenarios, for the first time. Realize true singulation with reduced soil disturbance.
Closer Accuracy For Greater Savings Gain greater control of your input costs by achieving closer seed rate accuracy.  The XP Meter™ will maintain very accurate rates at low rates for reliable seeds per acre results.


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