Air Seeder Features & Options 

Positive Displacement Metering PRO

The Latest Generation in Precision Metering

The PDM Pro provides a high degree of metering accuracy and gentle seed handling while minimizing the issue of product sticking when dealing with treated products.
  • A precise, finely pitched high-density poly metering auger draws product from a large, flow-through sump, through a machined metering orifice into the straight-thru distribution line.
  • High-density poly metering augers coupled with precisely matched orifices provide accurate metering and low maintenance. The polyethylene auger provides consistent seeding rates, even with problematic products such as treated seed and certain fertilizers.

  • Products such as freshly treated seed or fertilizer in humid conditions are especially problematic for air seeder metering systems. The PDM Pro features a UMHW liner and orifice that minimizes even these troublesome products from sticking to the inside of the housing.
  • The pitch of the auger increases as the seed is carried to the product transfer line to ensure consistent rates, even with fine seeds.
  • The PDM Pro metering system is gentle, even on peas and lentils. PAMI Research Update #702 found that average seed damage of all tests was 0%.
  • The sump design provides an even and consistent draw of product, even at low tank levels. Wide metering rolls used on competitors’ models may experience uneven product draw at low tank levels as the product is metered. The large flow-through PDM sump allows for easy and complete tank clean out and metering auger inspection.
  • Optional High Output single flight metering augers are available for Producers who require very high metering rates. Optional Low Output metering augers are available for very low metering rates. Optional steel augers are also available.  Refer to Specifications for ranges.
  • The Bourgault metering and distribution system has been proven to be extremely safe for even the most delicate of seeds by independent research groups. Refer to PAMI Research Study Update #756 which studied the effect of several product distribution systems in chickpeas.
The PDM Pro is equipped on the 7000 Series Air Seeders and 6000 Series Air Seeders 2014 model year and later as well as the Frame Mounted Seeders.

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