Air Seeder Features & Options 

Bourgault Air Seeder Kits

Gentle & Accurate Product Distribution

The Bourgault Air Seeder Kit consists of one or two primary distribution lines transferring product from the air seeder to primary and secondary manifolds to the seeding implement.  High quality product hoses are used to carry seed and fertilizer to the seed boots and Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators.
The Bourgault Air Seeder Kit is designed for accurate distribution and low incidence of seed damage. 
  • Drills can be configured for Single Shoot or Double Shoot product application, and 6 or 8 port primary kits to match desired application rates. - See specifications.
  • Special access ports with convex internal surfaces direct the material to the next set of distribution lines. The seed ports have an extra degree of safety by using a polyurethane convex cap to absorb shock of any seeds that strike the manifold cap.
  • PAMI Research Study Update #702 found that at proper fan settings, the Bourgault air seeder caused no significant damage when seeding Laird lentils or Express peas. Measured damage never exceeded 3%, while overall average damage in all tests was 0%.
  • Independent research verifies that the Bourgault seeding system is very gentle with canola - PAMI test #5404G.
  • Bourgault Industries maintains a dedicated facility for the development and refinement of our product distribution systems.  All Bourgault air seeder kits are put through rigorous testing at various simulated field conditions to ensure distribution meets or exceeds industry standards.
Correct Fan Speed Critical
Every air seeding system requires the right fan speed to efficiently move product without causing product damage. Bourgault provides minimum fan speed charts that assist the operator in finding an initial fan speed based upon implement width, application rate and ground speed.  Refer to detailed fan information on the Air Seeder Fan page.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.