Harrows Features & Options 

ADF - Adjustable Down Force

Independent Down Force Control - XR770 & XR750

The Ajustable Down Force (ADF) system isolates the down force control so that changes to tine and section angle will not affect the down pressure set on the harrow sections.  This capability ensures that the XR770 & XR750 deliver uniform field finish, even when contouring to the extremes.
How ADF is Achieved
Adjustable Down Force (ADF) borrows technology from Bourgault independent drills to control down force onto the harrow sections with hydraulic cylinders and parallel linkage mounts. As the hydraulic pressure is increased, the force is applied evenly from the front to the back of each section.  Taking the ADF design even further is the addition of up-force.  In certain conditions the weight of the sections themselves can become too aggressive to do a good job.  ADF reverses the hydraulic flow taking weight off of the section, thus operating much like a light harrow (just tickling the ground). The application of force to each harrow section is:
  1. constant regardless of contour position;
  2. isolated from other adjustments, and;
  3. easily adjustable via hydraulic pressure.
The Benefit of ADF
Unlike other harrows, changes to the tine angle or section angle will inadvertently affect the set down pressure, and visa versa.  With ADF, the down force is hydraulically applied, so it remains constant even through hilly land and water runs.  Adjustments to one setting does not affect the other two, allowing the operator to set the XR770 or XR750 more quickly in challenging and variable conditions.  The consistency and ease-of-use enables even a junior operator to achieve outstanding results.
Optional In-Cab Control
The XR770 and XR750 are available with a 415 Control Box to provide incremental down force adjustment, switch to up force, or go into float mode all from the seat of the tractor.

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