ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

ParaLink™ Walking Opener

Intelligent & Durable Design

The PLW™ Opener balances seed depth control between the packer and cleaner wheels.

  • The Depth Adjustment provides seed depth changes in ¼" (6 mm) increments for a total of 4" (102 mm) of adjustment.
  • Parallel Arms provide a consistent angle on the coulter’s presentation to the soil. This ensures the scraper and seedboot delivery system maintains a constant attack angle to the ground providing optimum seed placement.  Each arm provides +9" (229 mm)/ -7" (178 mm) of travel from nominal position.
  • The Cleaner Wheel keeps the coulter clear of any build up. Choose between the 3" (76 mm) and 4½" (114 mm) wide cleaner wheel.
  • The 20½" (52 cm) Dia. Coulter will cut through trash and ensure a good furrow is opened for the seed boot.
  • The Low Disturbance (LD) Scraper is set at a 5° toe-in angle and 10° camber to help lift the soil while creating minimal disturbance.  The scraper assembly position can be adjusted as the coulter wears.
  • A Walking Axle Arrangement between the cleaner wheel and packer wheel walks over debris and furrows to reduce the sensitivity of the 1:1 contour ratio of the arm assembly.
  • Choose from three different styles of packer wheels to match your operation. When additional packing is required, the cleaner wheel can be locked up so all the force acts on the packer.
  • Walking Axle Link - You have the option to shorten the link to lock the cleaner wheel up so that the packer wheel alone sets the opener depth. Locking up the cleaner wheel is done when additional packing force is required, or if there is concern of the cleaner wheel pulverizing the soil.

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