ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

LDx Scraper

Low Distubance with Exact Seed Placement with 3720 ICD

Consistent seed placement at the target seed depth provides the basis for uniform emergence. The Bourgault LDx Scraper provide independent coulter operators the most consistent seed placement in the wide range of variable conditions that occur each year.

The LDx Scraper is positioned on the coulter to provide a direct trajectory for the seed and fertilizer to the bottom of the coulter cut.  The “Forward Finger” helps direct product to the bottom of the coulter cut.  The “Trailing Firmer” gently presses down on every seed to the bottom of the coulter furrow just ahead of the packer wheel.
The LDx Scraper was released on new 2017 model 3720 Independent Coulter Drills, and can be retrofitted on all past 3720 and 3710 systems.
Double-Shoulder Offset Semi-Pneumatic Packer
The Double Shoulder Offset Packer Wheel is effective in directing soil over the furrow, as well as closing the flap created by the disk in harder or clay soils.  This packer is typically the best choice when using the low disturbance scraper.

3720 Straw Shield
The 3720 Straw Shield option mounts onto the opener using existing hardware, and has proven to help divert residue and reduce possible plugging when the drill is used in heavy residue situations, particularly corn and sunflower.

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