ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

Contour-Ability & Consistency

The PLW™ Opener Provides Even & Consistent Seed Depth

The PLW™ Opener balances seed depth control between the packer and cleaner wheels. 

Contour-ability & Consistency

The walking axle design splits the opener downforce, one third at the cleaner wheel and two thirds at the packer wheel during typical operation. When obstacles, or last season’s furrows are encountered, the vertical movement of the coulter is reduced by approximately half due to the walking axle motion, resulting in unprecedented seed depth consistency.

Walking Axle Coulter Arm

When going over residue or obstacles, the walking action between the cleaner and packer wheels stabilizes the coulter arm assembly reducing coulter movement by a factor of two. Delivering superior precision seed placement as compared to competitive units with the cleaner wheel fixed to the side of the coulter.

Seed Depth Adjustment

The 3720 PCD PLW™ Opener provides changes in ¼" increments for a total of 4" of adjustment. The sure and smooth, pin-style system includes a convenient handle.

Compound Angle Enhances Cutting Action

The coulter is set on a 5 degree lateral and 10 degree vertical compound angle to enhance cutting action. With the 3720 PCD you will experience less hair-pinning than with competitor’s units and the ability to penetrate even the hardest soils.

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