ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

Seed Brakes

Control Air Flow for Superior Seed Placement

Seed brakes are a recommended option for growers who are concerned about seed bounce causing uneven seed placement.
  • Airguard seed brakes are available as a recommended option from Bourgault on 3720 Independent Coulter Drills, and strongly recommended if the 3720 is equipped with the double spacing lockout (row crop) option.
  • The spiral seed brake is designed to bleed off air flow right above the seed boot, greatly reducing the velocity of the seed just before it enters the furrow.
  • The Airguard seed brakes are adjustable, so producers can achieve the right amount of air flow needed for optimum seed placement.
  • The factory installed option is available for both sizes of tertiary hoses offered on Bourgault drills.
For more information on the Airguard Seed Brake, visit the AirGuard Products website.

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