Paralink™ Hoe Drills - Features 

PHD™ Seed Opener Assembly

Consistency in a Wide Range of Conditions

The 3420 QDA, 3320 QDA & 3320 SE are equipped with the innovative PHD opener assembly.
  • Dual Protected Cylinder Rod – The hydraulic cylinder rod is protected with an inner layer of nickel and outer layer of hard chrome for superior corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Lube-Free Bushings - Spend more time in the field and less time servicing. Bourgault incorporates high performance composite bushings on chrome pins to ensure a long service life without the hassle of greasing.
  • Paralink™ Control – The Paralink™ design maintains the opener angle to the ground as the opener follows the ground profile, allowing the operator opener choice.
  • Indexed Seed Depth Adjust – Adjusting the depth on an independent depth system is time consuming, so Bourgault incorporates an indexed pin depth adjustment unit that is simple and repeatable across the depth of the unit Depth can be set at 1/6" (4mm) increments from position 1 to 15 for a total range of 2½" (64mm).
  • Greater Opener-to-Packer Distance allows soil to flow into the seed row. You can achieve a consistent seed depth at productive seeding speeds for the given conditions.
  • Bolt-On Seed Knife – This feature allows the operator to choose the opener that will work best for given conditions and farming techniques.
  • Packer Wheel Choice – You can choose a packer wheel that best suits your choice of knife.
  • Bolt-On Packer - Packer wheels can be quickly changed in the field. Get seeding again in a matter of minutes!
  • Quick Hydraulic Response - the 3320 PHD seed arm utilizes a 1¼” (32mm) diameter cylinder for quick opener lifting in the headlands.
Basic Geometry of the Series 3320 PHD Openers - The fundamental differences between the XTC and PHD seed openers offer Producers the freedom to select the best system for their specific operational and environmental conditions.

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