Paralink™ Hoe Drills - Features 

Dependable Seeding Consistency

Balanced Design Provides Seeding Consistancy

The PHD Seed Opener Assembly provides a two-to-one vertical opener-to-packer ratio which provides a balance between contouring and stability.
Consistent Results in Challenging Conditions
The 2-to-1 contour ratio means that for every vertical inch that the packer wheel moves, the seed opener will move ½” (13mm). This feature dampens opener movement, providing consistent seeding depth even when seeding at an angle to last year’s furrows, or through aggressive field residue such as corn stalks.
Superior Residue Flow
Experience outstanding clearance in managed field residue! Features such as a seed-only opener on each shank, optimal seed opener to packer distance, edge-on shank design, and residue-cutting MRB® coulters enable effective flow around the shanks without having to move towards wider row spacings.  This is confirmed by the large majority of farmers who operate Bourgault seeding systems on a 10" (250mm) row spacing.
Enhanced Penetration Force
The PHD Seed Opener Assembly delivers twice the penetration force in relation to packing force. That is over 400 lb (180kg) of opener force available when you need it! 
Effective Seeding Productivity
Many times you find yourself struggling to make the best use of a typically short seeding window. Features of the PHD Seed Opener Assembly such as a 2-to-1 contour ratio, greater packer–to-opener distance, and narrow edge-on shank allow you to maintain seedbed integrity when you need to increase your acres per day for the given conditions.
Edge-on Shank
The edge-on style shank promotes the use of front delivery seed boot openers. This style of opener has proven to provide better, more consistent placement of the seed, while at the same time greatly reducing the risk of plugging in wet conditions.
MRB® III Nitrogen Application System
Placing the nitrogen fertilizer in a separate row to the seed with a coulter presents a much smaller profile to the soil, thereby reducing soil disturbance.

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