Paralink™ Hoe Drills - Features 

Precision Seed Placement

Unprecedented Accuracy in Challenging Terrain

The 3320 eXtra Terrain Contouring seed drill equipped with XTC Seed Openers provide precision Farmers the ability to achieve consistent seed placement, even in undulating land.
One-to-One Contouring
You invest your time and attention to every detail during seeding to achieve an even germination, and expect your seeding tool to meet your standards. The XTC Seed Opener works on a one-to-one contour ratio, an important feature to ensure exact seed placement when seeding over a hilltop or through a water run.
Precision in Design
The contour ratio is not the only aspect of a highly contour-able seed drill. The distance between the seed opener and packer wheel is shorter than found with the PHD seed opener. This tighter placement will help achieve consistent seed placement even with sharp changes in topography. The 3320 XTC operator can be confident that the seed-only knife and edge-on shank arrangement will allow better residue flow than competitors' brands of independent drill in the given conditions.
Durable Construction
The Bourgault commitment to ingenuity, durability and simplicity shines through with the XTC Seed Opener Assembly, featuring rugged cast components and long-wearing pivot bushings. Incorporating the XTC Seed Opener on the rugged 3320 frame has resulted in the most advanced and durable precision seeding system available. Expect reliable service through many seasons with the new Bourgault 3320 XTC.
Effective Operational Range
The choice of a narrow seed-only knife and optional MRB® III nitrogen applicators will help ensure excellent seed placement, even in terrain and conditions that strand operators with competitor’s independent depth drills.
Edge-on Shank
The edge-on style shank promotes the use of front delivery seed boot openers. This style of opener has proven to provide better, more consistent placement of the seed, while at the same time greatly reducing the risk of plugging in wet conditions.
MRB® III Nitrogen Application System
Placing the nitrogen fertilizer in a separate row to the seed presents a much smaller profile to the soil, thereby reducing soil disturbance.

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