Paralink™ Hoe Drills - Features 

Greater Drill Control

Unprecedented Drill Control With Liftmaster™ & Packmaster™

The Apollo seeder controller system offers two different drill control features to help farmers gain greater effectivity of their seeding systems.

The PackMaster™ option automatically adjusts the packing down pressure to match varying soil conditions in the field.  By matching the required packing pressure to varying soil conditions, you can expect uniform seeding emergence across the entire field.

How It Works
The operator first sets the desired packing force in the Apollo X30 or X35 controller.  The force is measured by a load cell spindle located on the mainframe of the drill. During operation, as the draft force on the opener changes, so will the down force of the packer wheel. This change is relayed back to the controller, which will adjust the drill’s opener hydraulic pressure to set the packing pressure needed in that particular.

Two control modes are available:
  • Constant Packing Force - Hydraulic pressure is modulated to maintain even packing.
  • Constant Hydraulic Pressure - Hydraulic pressure is maintained (original configuration).
The control screen on the X35 Apollo system shows drill raise/lower state, opener hydraulic pressure, packing force and pressure/force set value.  All drill control functions are moved onto the X35 Apollo system, so the 405/410 drill control is not required when this option is selected.

The PackMaster™ option is available on 3330SE & 3335QDA PHDs, 3420 PHD, 3720 PCD and 3820 PCD seeding systems, and as a retrofit kit for previous systems equipped with X35 or X30 Apollo systems.

Farmers can remove one more operation when turning at the edge of the field.  LiftMaster™ provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands.  This eliminates one more tedious operation at a time when many things are going at once.

The LiftMaster™ feature is standard on 3330SE & 3335QDA PHDs, 3420 PHD, 3720 PCD and 3820 PCD seeding systems, and as a retrofit kit for previous systems equipped with X30 or X35 Apollo systems.

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