Tillage Features & Options 

Bourgault Mounted Packers

Various Styles to Suit Your Conditions

Bourgault Mounted Packers help provide excellent seedbed results when using a tillage system for seeding.
Bourgault Titan™ Mounting Arms
  • The unique force and harrow height adjustment mechanism, with 6 easy settings, requires no wrenches.
  • The heavy compression spring assures you of all the down force required and provides for an obstacle clearance of 22" (.56 m).
  • Two styles available:
  • Quick Adjust (QA) - includes the force and harrow height adjustment mechanism.
  • Quick Adjust/Detach (QD) - includes the force and harrow height adjustment mechanism and a quick-attach bracket which allows you to convert between harrows and mounted packers in minutes.
Independent Mounted Packers
Independent poly-packers excel if seeding in stony land. Each poly packer wheel is mounted on a gang with its own spring cushion and sealed ball bearings. Independent movement on each wheel ensures more uniform packing for a more consistent crop emergence.

Gang Style Mounted Packer
Gang style poly-packers are ideal where moderate packing is required for breaking soil lumps and sealing the seedbed. The 20" (58 mm) diameter durable polyethylene packers are mounted on a 1" (25 mm) shaft and heavy-duty pillow block bearings.
Heavy Duty Gang Style Mounted Packers
Achieve near-drill like packing results with your 10" (254 mm) spaced 8910 seeding system. The 22" (559 mm) diameter packers are available in 2¼" (57 mm) & 3½" (89 mm) steel, 2" (51 mm) & 3" (76 mm) semi-pneumatic, and 5½" (140 mm) wide pneumatic wheels. Mid Row Banders® or a weight kit is required to offset the weight on the back. Not available on 8910 70' cultivators or 9500 Chisel Plow.

Refer to Specifications for detailed information.

Bourgault provides a variety of mounted harrows for tillage units.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to bourgault@bourgault.com - specify your location and the models you are interested in.