Paralink Hoe Drill - Features 

Hi-Flotation Design Feature

Open Up Your Seeding Window

The Bourgault Hi-Flotation (HF) option opens up a whole new window of opportunity to farmers during seeding time. Typically, the seeding window in the Northern Great Plains of the U.S. and the Western Canadian Prairies is short. Sprinkle in frequent rain showers and the seeding window becomes increasingly tight. Seed in wet conditions and take the risk of getting stuck. These are frustrating, time consuming situations that all farmers can readily identify with.

  • The large 800/65R32 front main frame tires provide 65% more surface area than dual 16.5l x 16.1 tires.  The 540/65R24 singles on the inner and outer wing front caster wheels increase the surface area by 27% over dual 13.5L x 15 tires.  The much larger footprint keeps the drill on top in conditions that would cause regular seed drills to sink.
  • The taller profile of the Hi-Flotation tires will help prevent the front of the drill from “diving” in wet conditions.  The large 800/65R32 front main frame tires are 77% taller than 16.5l x 16.1 tires, and the 540/65R24 singles are 60% taller than 13.5L x 15 tires.  This feature is much more effective to get the running gear back on the surface if it ever does sink in the soft field conditions.  Not only does this help keep your front wheels rolling instead of sinking, it also reduces draft in soft field conditions.
  • The majority of the weight applied from the drill to the tires is transferred through the front running gear.  When parked, 60% of the drills weight is being applied on the front running gear, but in a high draft scenario, this increases to as much as 70%.  For this reason, it is both cost efficient and field effective to focus on the front running gear for hi flotation.