To further aid the ability to seed in wet conditions, a Momentary Isolation Switch provides a fast and convenient method of releasing trapped residue.
  • If the drill begins to bog down, the operator can activate the isolation switch to lift the mid row openers and broadcast the dry fertilizer but leave the seed openers in the ground to temporarily reduce the amount of draft. This Momentary Isolation Switch feature will allow operators to keep seeding through wet spots without getting stuck in the process.
  • This feature is particularly handy for dumping straw that may accumulate on the fertilizer shanks of MRS III equipped drills.
NOTE: The Momentary Isolation Switch feature is recommended for liquid or granular fertilizers only - anhydrous/NH3 are not recommended due to gassing off.

Available on ParaLink™ Hoe Drill models equipped with MRB®III (optional) or MRSIII (standard).