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Straightforward One-Pass Seeding

The Mid Row Shank™III Fertilizer Application System provides a viable option for Producers who want to achieve optimal fertilizer placement with a simplified, lower maintenance means to achieve one-pass seeding.

Mid Row Fertilizer Application - Simplified

Mid Row Fertilizer Application with a Simple Shank Design

Mid Row Fertilizer Application with Simple Shank Design

The MRS™III C-Style Shank is designed to provide reliable mid row fertilizer application where heavy straw is not a limiting factor.

The MRS™III Fertilizer Application option is available on:

  • ParaLink Hoe Drills™ 10" and 12" spacing;

  • 5810 Air Hoe Drills (except the 5810-74) 12.6" spacing only.


Hydraulic Shank Design

Bourgault Mid Row Shank consists of an opener mounted to edge-on shank.

The Mid Row Shank™ Fertilizer Applicator consists of an opener mounted to an edge-on shank which uses a hydraulic cylinder as a trip mechanism.

  • An opener with a ¾" carbide tip is standard supplied from the factory.
  • Apply any form of fertilizer by installing the appropriate adapter tube into the opener body.

Bourgault Mid Row Shank™ Fertilizer Applicator

MRS™III - Detailed View

The MRS™ design utilizes the tried-and-true hydraulic trip mechanism.

  1. The MRS™III utilizes a C-Style Shank with a ¾" knife-style opener, minimizing the chance of catching and holding straw.
  2. Dry fertilizer product is delivered through a 1¼" tertiary hose. The MRS™III can also be used with liquid or NH3 fertilizer.
  3. The hydraulic trip design provides easy trip pressure setting and the ability to conveniently lift the openers out of operation when not required.
  4. A two-bolt attachment system, with multiple mounting holes, allows ½" manual depth adjustments.

Opener placement is staggered wherever possible to minimize the chance of straw catching across the shanks.

MRS™ Depth Adjustment is achieved with the bolts that retain the MRS™ body on the MRS™ mount.

  • 5 positions on MRS™ upright provide 1" of depth adjustment between each hole.
  • 2 positions on the MRS™ mount provide ½" of depth adjustment.
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Momentary Isolation Switch

Easy release if straw builds up around Mid Row Shanks.

Get Out of a Sticky Situation

The Momentary Isolation Switch provides a fast and convenient method of reducing draft or releasing trapped residue without disrupting the seeding pass.

  • If the drill begins to bog down, the Operator can lift the MRB® Fertilizer Applicators only and broadcast the fertilizer and leave the seed openers in the ground to temporarily reduce the amount of draft. Once through the wet spot, the MRBs® can be returned to the engaged position.
  • This feature is particularly handy for dumping straw that may accumulate on the fertilizer shanks of MRS™III-equipped drills.

The Momentary Isolation Switch will help you get out of a sticky situation!

For MRB® & MRS™ Systems

The Momentary Isolation Switch is:

  • Optional for Mid Row Bander® equipped 3330SE and 3335QDA PHDs™; and,
  • Standard for PHDs™ equipped with Mid Row Shanks™.

NOTE: The Momentary Isolation Switch feature is recommended for liquid or granular fertilizers only - anhydrous/NH3 are not recommended due to gassing off.

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MRS™ or MRB® Fertilizer Applicators?

Are Mid Row Shanks™ an option for my farming operation?

Are Mid Row Shanks the Right Option For Me?

The iconic Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicator and the Mid Row Shank™III Fertilizer Applicator are leading options for one-pass seeding with each option having both their strengths and their challenges. These should be carefully considered by Producers when configuring the ideal one-pass system that will best meet their conditions and practices.

Like the MRB® Fertilizer Application System, the Mid Row Shank™ Fertilizer Application System is a viable option for Operators wanting to apply nitrogen and/or sulfur between every other seed row.

Operators interested in the MRS™III option should consider the following important factors when determining which option to select.

Field Residue

Field Residue

  • Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators employ a large coulter disk to cut through the residue and soil to incorporate fertilizer; this cutting action will help residue flow through the seed openers minimizing plugging.
  • Mid Row Shank™III Fertilizer Applicators are designed and arranged on the drill to optimize its ability to clear field residue, however, they cannot cut through managed field residue like the MRB®III can. With the MRS™III, extra care must be taken to ensure that field residue is properly managed, especially in heavy straw seasons.



  • The MRS™III is virtually maintenance-free, with no routine adjustments or greasing requirements.
  • The coulter hub of the MRB®III requires periodic greasing and the floating scraper must be adjusted to ensure ideal operation as the coulter wears.
  • Trip tension, as well as the "park" feature when not required, are set the same for both the MRB® and MRS™ Fertilizer Applicator options.

Field Finish

Field Finish

  • The downward cutting action of the MRB®III coulter creates a narrow furrow to place fertilizer and the retainer tine holds the soil down to help keep the soil structure intact as the disk moves through the soil. In addition, the seed openers maintain a consistent seed depth as the soil structure is more intact.
  • Narrow openers are utilized for Mid Row Shank™ Systems, but disturbance is still greater, resulting in a rougher seedbed, greater exposure to moisture loss, and, as well, the increased loose soil may require reducing your operating speed to prevent "stepping", or soil from a back seed row flowing onto the front seed row next to it.

Depth Adjustment

Depth Adjustment

  • Depth adjustment on the MRB®III is relatively easy - plastic shims are added or removed to achieve the desired operating depth.
  • The Mid Row Shank™ Openers are adjusted by loosening and removing bolts on each assembly, so the MRS™ are not as convenient to set. The correct operating depth of the MRS is more critical than with MRBs as operating the MRS too deep will create excessive soil disruption.
  • 3335QDA drills with PLX™ openers, equipped with the AccuSet™ on-the-go depth adjust system allows Operators to change the depth of the MRB® or MRS™ fertilizer applicators independent of the seed openers.



  • The coulters of the MRB®III Openers act as keel, helping the drill to stay true behind the tractor.
  • Drills equipped with MRS™III Openers are not more prone to skewing than any other all-shank implement, but may be more evident as the shanks are mounted ahead of the seed openers.
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