Bourgault Customer Service Center
The Bourgault Customer Service Center is a library of information covering the operation, installation, or update of a range of Bourgault seeding systems.  Regardless if you are a first time Bourgault owner, a seasoned operator, or even a service technician, you will find valuable information to help prepare you for the critical seeding operation.
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Know Before You Grow
Just like prepping your equipment prior to the busy season, learning all you can about the equipment and how to set and use the various functions ahead of time will help you gain the benefits of the industry leading features that are on your Bourgault seeding implement.
Bourgault Training

2020 On-Line Customer ClinicSpring 2021 On-Line Customer Clinic - NEW!
The Spring 2021 Customer Clinic provides in depth training and reference material for new customers of 3330SE/3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills, 3720/3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills, and 9000 Series Air Seeders.
2020 On-Line Customer ClinicSpring 2020 On-Line Customer Clinic 
Prepared for 2020 model year systems, this clinic is focused on getting started with 3320 ParaLink Hoe Drills, 3720 Independent Coulter Drills, and 7000 Series Air Seeders.
Bourgault Resources

Bourgault EzParts -  Full parts catalogue library of Bourgault parts, manuals and layouts.
Customer Bulletins -  Updates & notices on Bourgault products.
Product Catalogues - Current & past Bourgault catalogues.
Bourgault Agronomy -  Latest agronomic findings and seeding techniques.
Start Up ChecklistStart Up Checklist, 9000 Series & 3335 PHD - Guideline for walking through the first time seeding with a 2021 Model Year seeding system (refer to Bourgault Training).
Start Up ChecklistStart Up Checklist, 7000 Series & 3320 PHD - Guideline for walking through the first time seeding with a 2020 & earlier Model Year seeding system (refer to Bourgault Training).
Simulated Seeding Guideline - Practice seeding guideline for new Bourgault seeding system owners

Inspection Checklists
Give your seeding unit a complete inspection before spring.
3320 Paralink Drill Inspection Checklist
7000 Series Air Seeder Inspection Checklist
Refer to the operator's manual for complete instructrutions on your Bourgault equipment.

Quick Reference Cards
Click on the icon below to open a PDF of the Quick Reference Card you require.
ASC Granular Product Timings (v. 4.06 revised Oct. 2021)
Drill Control (v. 4.06 revised Oct. 2021)
X35 Apollo Console (v. 4.06 revised Oct. 2021)
Weigh Scales (v. 4.06 revised Oct. 2021)
Universal Terminal, ISO Apollo System (7.08.07, 3.0.13 revised Dec 2020)

Conveyor Maintenance
Download PDF FileSupplemental Conveyor Manual 0252-90-30
Download PDF FileMaintenance & Adjustment, 2016 - 2018
Download PDF FileMaintenance & Adjustment, 2019 - Present
7000 Series Air Seeders, 2016-2018 Model Years
YouTube VideoConveyor Belt Replacement
YouTube VideoConveyor Belt Alignment
Instructions & Downloads

Bourgault AccuSet™
Topcon X35 Apollo

  • Setup and instructional information for the Topcon X35 Apollo has been organized into Sections A to D.  Instructions are applicable to all X35 software versions unless noted otherwise.
  • Manuals and Updates provide operational manuals and software updates for the X35.
  • Minimum Fan Speed Charts show you how to determine the best starting fan speed for each seeding operation.
First Time SetupView Section Index
Section A - First Time Setup
This section has extensive list of X35 feature & option setups organized in a sequence most helpful for a first time setup.
Refer to the library in this section to access setup videos and downloads available for the wide range of X35 features and options.
Section B - Functional Test
The purpose of the functional test is to verify the X35 controller with is operating correctly with the seeding system. Highly recommended after a first time setup, Producers should also perform a pre-season functional test to verify operation and avoid costly down time during seeding.
Section C - Basic Seeding
Bourgault has prepared several videos to provide a guide on how you can get started with your new seeding system.
Section D - X35 Operation
This section includes a wide range of operational presentations and explanations which relate to the X35 and Bourgault seeding system.
X35 Manuals & Updates
A library of reference manuals and guides are available for download. The latest software updates for the X35 are listed and available, along with installation instructions.
Access Minimum Fan Speed Charts
7000 & 9000 Series Air Seeders
Download PDF File
9000 Series Air Seeders, TriMax™ System (Login as Guest)
Download PDF File
8000 Series Air Seeders
Download PDF File
CD & HD Frame Mount Seeders

Topcon X30 (Apollo & IB1) & X20

Documentation for the Bourgault Topcon X30 & X20 seeder controllers are in three sections.  Links to the model and software versions are provided on the right when available.
Features & Options IconView Section Index
X30 & X20 Manuals & Updates
This section provides documentation and videos for features including the seed rate controller, variable rate control, PackMaster, liquid fertilizer setup, ASC, area counters.   
X30 &X20 Manuals & Updates
This section provides software updates, operator's manuals, and setup information for various features including tank optimizer, headland manager, quick start & team viewer. 
X30 & X20 Manuals & Updates
Download operator' manuals and functional test procedures for a variety for specific models and software versions of X30 & X20 seeder controllers.

Vansco 591 & 491 Monitors

Documentation for the Bourgault Vansco air seeder monitors.
Vansco 591 & 491 IconRefer to this section for presentations on air seeder calibration and sensor learn procedures for Vansco 591 & 491 monitors.