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Serving Producers For 25 Years

Since its introduction in 1996, thousands of Bourgault seeding systems equipped with MRB® Fertilizer Applicators have helped Producers realize the best possible start for their crops, both in good and in challenging years.

With the ability to deliver optimal seed-to-fertilizer placement in the widest range of soil conditions, Bourgault Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators have revolutionized the practice of one-pass seeding in small grain operations.

MRB® Fertilizer Applicators - Durably Designed

MRBs® are designed and constructed to provide many years of service.

The current Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Application series is the third generation of a highly successful fertilizer banding implement. Even after 25 years and millions of acres, the design of the Bourgault MRB® is continued to be reviewed and refined.

This dedication to product refinement is one of the reasons why over 80% of Bourgault seeding systems are purchased with the Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Application option.


Setting & Adjustments

Proper adjustment is key for optimal performance.

Getting the Most from Your MRBs®

Setting the correct operational depth, in relation to the soil surface and the seeding depth is vital. Attention and appropriate action will not only produce a good crop response to the banded fertilizer, but will also minimize losses of your valuable investment.

The key to effective and trouble-free operation is correct depth setting, as well as periodic greasing and scraper adjustment to account for disk wear. Proper setting will greatly reduce troublesome issues such as plugging or bearing failure.

Recommended depth setting for Bourgault Mid Row Banders.

Typical Bander Depth Setting

It is recommended to set the MRBs® 2 to 3 inches below the original soil surface.

  • Too shallow of a depth setting may not provide enough soil cover to prevent nitrogen loss through volatilization.
  • When operating in dry conditions, adjust the working depth to ensure fertilizer is placed into moist soil.
  • For NH3 application, excessive working depths may delay the closing of the furrow, reducing retention of anhydrous ammonia in the soil.
  • Extended operation at excessive depths will increase draft, component wear and the increase the chance of plugging.

Note: Operational depth setting recommendations are similar for Mid Row Shank™ III fertilizer applicators.  The goal is to ensure good soil cover of the fertilizer furrow to minimize loss to the air.  Excessive seeding speeds may cause soil throw by the openers.

Add or remove shims to the cylinder rod to change operating depth.

Depth Adjustment

MRB® Adjust - Add or remove shims to the cylinder rod to change operating depth. Spare shims are stored on upper cylinder pin if needed.

  • 1/4 " thick shim = 5/8" depth adjustment
  • 1/8" thick shim = 5/16" depth adjustment

Video Presentation

The key to trouble-free operation is to check the MRBs® periodically and adjust as needed for changes in seeding depth or disc wear.

This presentation will cover all the key settings and adjustments that will help ensure optimal performance during seeding.

It is important to refer to the Operator's Manual when making any adjustment to your equipment.

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MRB® Coulter Cleaning Options

Bourgault MRB® with Retainer Wheel Option

Closer Tine or Retaining Wheel Options

Choose between the Outside Closer Tine or Retainer Wheel for optimal soil retention in a wide range of soil conditions.

  • The retaining wheel is an ideal match for the ParaLink Coulter Drill™ when minimal soil disturbance is a primary goal.
  • When applying anhydrous ammonia, retainer wheels will direct more soil over the furrow to minimize gassing off.

MRBs offer Closer Tine or Retaining Wheel Options

Excellent Soil Retainment

The Outside Closer Tine Option (A) is designed to keep the outside of the disk clean to ensure an intact furrow is created and help soil flow back into the furrow once the fertilizer is placed. Typically, the closer tine holds some residue against the disk to help keep it clean. The tine position can be adjusted to match operating depth while tension can be adjusted to suit soil conditions.

The Retaining Wheel Option (B) uses a torsion spring to adjust the downforce, as well as shims to set the position relative to the disk. The retaining wheel will keep the outside of the disk clean as it holds down the soil adjacent to the furrow made by the coulter.

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Momentary Isolation Switch

Easy release if straw builds up around Mid Row Shanks.

Get Out of a Sticky Situation

The Momentary Isolation Switch provides a fast and convenient method of reducing draft or releasing trapped residue without disrupting the seeding pass.

  • In wet conditions, if the drill begins to bog down, the Operator can lift the Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators and broadcast the fertilizer while leaving the seed openers in the ground to temporarily reduce the amount of draft. Once through the wet spot, the MRB® Fertilizer Applicators can be returned to their engaged position.

The Momentary Isolation Switch will help you get out of a sticky situation!

For MRB® & MRS™ Systems

The Momentary Isolation Switch is:

  • optional for Mid Row Bander® equipped 3330SE and 3335QDA PHDs™;
  • standard for PHDs™ equipped with Mid Row Shanks™.

NOTE: The Momentary Isolation Switch feature is recommended for liquid or granular fertilizers only - anhydrous/NH3 are not recommended due to gassing off.

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Designed for Your Drill

Only Bourgault seeding systems are designed to accommodate MRBs® so you can maximize the benefits and reduce the risk of one-pass fertilizer placement, while establishing a high quality seedbed.

Bourgault MRBs® are available on:

  • 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™;
  • 3420 ParaLink Hoe Drills™;
  • 3720 & 3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills™;
  • CD & HD Frame Mounted Seeders™;
  • 5810 Air Hoe Drills;
  • 8910 Cultivators (Series 20 or 25 MRBs®).


Additional Resources

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