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The 9000 Series Air Cart is the most outstanding air cart available on the market today, providing an unmatched balance of volume, flexibility and practical features for Producers.

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Durable Steel Construction

9000 Series Air Carts - Superb Steel Construction

The all-steel construction of a Bourgault Air Cart provides you with peace of mind as it:
  • does not become brittle with exposure to UV;
  • is not susceptible to annoying static cling when seeding canola; and,
  • stands up to accidental collisions with augers or trailers.

Invest in the longevity and value retention that is Bourgault Air Carts!


Capacity & Flexibility

The Bourgault 9000 Series is the most functional commodity cart on the market.

Bourgault leads the industry with tank capacities and product application configurations. The 9000 I Series boosts productivity, regardless of your crop selections or nutrient requirements.

  • minimize fill times with up to 45,000L in a trailing unit or 33,000L in a leading unit. Select the 1,500L Saddle Tank™ option for even more capacity!
  • smart volume ratios provide the best use of total volume for a wide range of seeding scenarios;
  • Saddle Tank™ and Storage Platform option is ideal for fine products like canola. The convenient Storage Platform carries a mini-bulk bag or pallet of small seed bags for in-field reloading;
  • air cart tire options offer the Producer the ability to achieve the flotation requirements for their operation;
  • offers multiple fan options to maximize efficiency and simplify settings for every size of seeding system.
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Control & Monitoring

Apollo X40 provides unprecedented control over your seeding operation.

Take command at seeding time with the industry-leading Topcon X40 Apollo System. The X40 ties all of the critical aspects of seeding into an intuitive panel, giving you customizable control of product application!

  • The DynaCal™ Live Rate Monitoring System ensures you achieve exact results from start to finish.
  • The Xtend™ Feature provides control of the X40 Apollo System outside of the tractor cab for critical operations such as calibration or tank fills.
  • Variable Rate Control is available on up to 5 granular and 1 liquid product.
  • The I-to-I™, or Implement-to-Implement™ option allows multiple seeding units to share the same coverage map.
  • The Built-In Camera Display provides visibility in the Saddle Tank™ and behind the air cart.

The versatile X40 Apollo System can be tailored specifically to the features you need for your seeding operation.


Distribution & Accuracy

Expect even and accurate distribution, at high or low rates.

For 40 years, the Bourgault Class A Product Distribution System has successfully seeded millions of hectares in small grain regions around the globe. In that time, Bourgault has evolved with market demand and has conducted countless hours of testing to make certain that each air cart release outperforms the last!

  • The Bourgault EvenStreamPLUS™ Distribution System provides outstandingly consistent product distribution, even at challenging rates.
  • The Bourgault Dual Auto Section Control™ System (Dual ASC™) provides independent control of seed and fertilizer distribution when the drill overlaps a seeded section of the field.
  • The PDM Pro™ Metering System provides the highest degree of accuracy, along with gentle seed handling.
  • Bourgault's Class A approach to product distribution allows for unrivaled flexibility for single, double and the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot distribution options, delivering unrivaled seed safety with even the highest product rates.

Convenience & Safety

Inner and outer handrails offer extra security on the tank top.

From extra wide catwalks and secure handrails, to extra illumination at night, Bourgault designs help you, and those around you, stay safe during the busy seeding season.

  • The wide platform and comfortable staircase allow for safe and secure access to the air cart top.
  • Handrails on both sides of the catwalk ensure extra security.
  • Safety catches on the tank lids prevent lid strikes if the Operator inadvertently opens the tank when pressurized.
  • Seven exterior LED lights allow for greater visibility and Operator safety when seeding at night.
  • A rear-view camera allows you to monitor traffic behind the air cart when transporting to the next seeding location.

Effective Product Transfer

9000 Series Air Carts are equipped with high capacity load/unload conveyors.

Bourgault has always lead the market for practical and efficient product handling options that allow the Operator to get back in the field sooner.

  • High Capacity Conveyors move more bushels per minute with minimal damage to the most delicate seeds. The leading carts offer the same benefits through the innovative folding conveyor.
  • The BulkBoom™ Product Transfer option allows Operators to unload mini-bulk bags into the Saddle Tank™ or 3rd tank without a loader or forklift.
  • The FillChute™ option allows the Saddle Tank™ to be filled with the conveyor.
  • The BagLift™ Product Transfer System is an alternative option that offers hydraulic elevation of seed bags to the tank top.

Streamliner™ Air Carts

Bourgault 9000 Series Streamliner™ Air Cart

Altogether Better

The Bourgault Streamliner™ Series 2 liquid ready air carts provide an all-in-one air cart package for combined liquid and granular products.

The Streamliner™ air carts are designed specifically to withstand the rigours of liquid and granular product metering in the harsh Australian environment.



The 9000 I Series Air Cart Breaks Barriers

Bernard Ferré & Curtis Hinrichsen of Bourgault Industries Ltd. provide a breakdown of the features and benefits of the 9000 I Series Air Cart.


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