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The 8000 Series Air Cart lineup offers a wide range of premium features in a tank configuration that continues Bourgault’s legacy as the air cart leader in the industry.  Available in leading and trailing models, the 8000 Series is a winning solution for the progressive Producer who does not require the immense volumes of the 9000 I Series Air Carts.
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8000 Series Air Cart Saddle Tank™ makes seeding bagged product easy & convenient.

Unbeatable Features in a Mid-Sized Series

  • Bourgault maximizes volume flexibility with its winning combination of the KNEX™ Integral Tank System and optional Saddle Tank™.
  • The Saddle Tank™ option makes handling bagged product, such as canola or granular inoculant, both easy and convenient.


The 8000 Series Air Cart Straight-Through Primary Distribution System makes it easy for you to configure your Air Seeder to match your needs for the given crop.

8000 Series Product Distribution System

The proven Bourgault Class A Metering System design has served Bourgault Customers since 1980. This tried-and-tested design is used yet today on the 8000 Series Air Carts.

The Class A Metering System consists of:

  • the Straight-Through Primary Distribution System;
  • Dual Auto Section Control™ (available on specific models);
  • the PDM Pro™ Metering System;
  • hydraulic calibration; and,
  • fan options to match application requirements.


The large, full color X40 touch-screen features a heads-up dashboard that is customizable.

  • The X40 Apollo System Achieve unprecedented control of up to 6 products, as well as perform advanced seeding operations with the X40 Apollo System.
  • The ISO Apollo System Calibrate and perform basic rate control functions for up to 4 products with tractors equipped with universal terminals.

QUICK & EFFECTIVE Product Transfer

Using the 8000 Series Air Cart Load/Unload Auger saves time with loading and unloading.

Whether you're using the Load/Unload Augers, the BagLift™ Product Transfer System, or the FillChute™; 8000 Series Air Carts have many options for easily and effectively transferring product.

  • Load product quickly using the Load/Unload Auger;
  • Lift bagged product effectively, and, at the same time, save your back from strain with the BagLift™ Product Transfer System;
  • The FillChute™ is an option for units equipped with the Saddle Tank™.


Sturdy handrails and tank lid locks help Operators remain safe on the tank top.

From the EZ™ Air Cart Hitch, to the rear-view camera and LED exterior tank lights, the 8000 Series allows you to work efficiently and safely.

  • Safety catches on the tank lids prevent lid strikes if the Operator inadvertently opens the tank when pressurized.
  • Get "close enough" when pinning the air cart to the seeding implement with the EZ™ Air Cart Hitch.
  • Increase rear visibility with the optional rear-view camera.
  • Improve in-tank and exterior illumination with optional LED Lights.

Tire Options

An optional 3 meter front axle is available for controlled traffic farming.
  • Many tire options are available, with one that will suit your situation, ensuring minimal compaction, even with full tanks! Refer to the Specifications Page for tire options.
  • To accommodate controlled traffic farming, an optional 3 meter front axle on the trailing air carts and high capacity rear single tire options are available.

The 8000 Series Air Cart Breaks Barriers

Curtis Hinrichsen of Bourgault Industries Ltd. provides a detailed presentation of the features and benefits of the 8000 Series Air Cart.


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