Quick & Effective 8000 Series Air Carts



Save time when you are transferring product by using the Load/Unload Augers, the optional Baglift System™ and the optional FillChute™.


8550 and 8450 Air Carts come with either Deluxe (hydraulic control) or Standard (manual) positioning options for the auger.

Models 8550 & 8450 (Leading & Trailing)

  • Deluxe 10" diameter Load/Unload Auger; or, 
  • Standard 10" Load/Unload Auger (Standard Auger Hopper is an available option).

Model 8350 (Leading & Trailing)

  • Standard 8" Load/Unload Auger (Standard Auger Hopper equipped).

8350 Model Air Carts are equipped with a standard 8" auger with manual positioning.

Deluxe 10" Load/Unload Auger

  • fills an 8550 Air Cart in about 20 minutes;
  • complete hydraulic control for positioning in-and-out of transport;
  • horizontal hopper design reaches under belly-dump trailers;
  • clean-out is excellent, with typically less than one gallon of product left in the auger;
  • Load/Unload Rate: approximately 85 bu/min (based on dry barley @ 48 lb/bu).

The 10" Standard Load/Unload Auger

  • hydraulic control for swing and manual control for auger height;
  • Load/Unload Rate: approximately 70 bu/min (based on dry barley @ 48 lb/bu).

The 8" Standard Load/Unload Auger

  • manual positioning;
  • Load/Unload Rate: approximately 30 bu/min (based on dry barley @ 48 lb/bu).
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The BagLift™ Option

The BagLift™ Option - Bag Transfer System

Available on 9000 & 8000 Series Air Carts. 

You no longer have to endanger your safety by lugging heavy bagged seed up the tank stairs. Now you can safely and easily transfer your bagged product to the tank top via the remote operated hydraulic lift system.

  • The BagLift™ Product Transfer option is rated for transferring a 440 lb load of bagged seed from the ground to the top of the tank (this is equivalent to about eight, 55 lb bagged seed),
  • Oil flow is diverted from the air cart fan system when the lift is in operation.
  • Available on units without the Saddle Tank™ or BulkBoom™ options.
  • Not available for the 91300 Model.

This feature is not intended for the elevation of anything except bagged seed.


The FillChute™ Option

The FillChute™ option allows the Saddle Tank™ to be filled with the conveyor.

Available on 9000 & 8000 Series Air Carts with optional Saddle Tanks™

The FillChute™ Product Transfer option is a simple, yet convenient feature, that allows the Operator to fill the Saddle Tank™ with the cart's conveyor. This is especially handy for adding the capacity of the Saddle Tank™ to one of the four main tanks to extend the acres per fill.

Note: The Saddle Tank is not available for the Model 8350 Leading or Trailing air carts.

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