The TriMax™ Triple Shoot System

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System 9000 I Series Air Carts / 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™


Push Your Profits to the Max with TriMax™!

Push Your Profits to the Max with TriMax™!

With the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System nitrogen is positioned away from the seed, eliminating seed toxicity, seed is placed safely on its own and starter fertilizer is positioned nearby for quick emergence.

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System

The TriMax™ System is a third independent air kit system comprised of:

  1. a dedicated third fan;
  2. a smaller 6" diameter third primary line;
  3. EvenStreamPLUS™ on secondary lines for accurate distribution of all products, at all rates - high and low;
  4. tertiary lines route to the center furrow on the BTT side-biased boot for the PLS™ or PLX™ Single Shank Openers or to the rear knife on the PLDS™ Dual Shank Opener.

Available Trimax™ Configurations


A 3330SE or 3335QDA PHD™ equipped with either PLS™ or PLX™ Single Shank Openers (with a BTT side-biased boot), or PLDS™ Dual Shank Openers; plus, either MRS™ or MRB® Fertilizer Applicators; plus, a Trailing 9000 I Series Air Cart.


5 Year Trial Average


Plant Stand In Canola

In a 5 year study conducted by the Bourgault Agronomy Team, one message was very clear; canola mortality is lowest when there is no fertilizer in the seed row.

Under the same growing conditions, the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System significantly reduces seed mortality allowing Producers to confidently lower seeding rates, yet still achieve the same target plant stand!

2020 TriMax™ Canola report TriMax™ Downloadable PDF
2020 TriMax™ Canola Report
TriMax™ Downloadable PDF
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