The TriMax™ Triple Shoot System

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System 9000 I Series Air Carts / 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™


Push Your Profits to the Max with TriMax™!

Push Your Profits to the Max with TriMax™!

With the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System nitrogen is positioned away from the seed, eliminating seed toxicity, seed is placed safely on its own and starter fertilizer is positioned nearby for quick emergence.

Take Charge of Yor Seeding Cost


Plant Stand In Canola

In a 5 year study conducted by the Bourgault Agronomy Team, one message was very clear; canola mortality is lowest when there is no fertilizer in the seed row.

Under the same growing conditions, the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System significantly reduces seed mortality allowing Producers to confidently lower seeding rates, yet still achieve the same target plant stand!

Check out the following report to find out more:

2020 TriMax™ Canola report  

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System

The TriMax™ Triple-Shoot System

The TriMax™ System is a third independent air kit system comprised of:

  1. a dedicated third fan;
  2. a smaller 6" diameter third primary line;
  3. EvenStreamPLUS™ on secondary lines for accurate distribution of all products, at all rates - high and low;
  4. tertiary lines route to the center furrow on the BTT side-biased boot for the PLS™ or PLX™ Single Shank Openers or to the rear knife on the PLDS™ Dual Shank Opener.

Available Trimax™ Configurations


A 3330SE or 3335QDA PHD™ equipped with either PLS™ or PLX™ Single Shank Openers (with a BTT side-biased boot), or PLDS™ Dual Shank Openers; plus, either MRS™ or MRB® Fertilizer Applicators; plus, a Trailing 9000 I Series Air Cart.

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