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Liquid Controller Package Liquid Fertilizer Cart

A liquid controller package is required for connecting the X35 Apollo to a Bourgault / Freeform liquid fertilizer cart.
  • A fixed rate, ground drive pump (not included) alone would have to be set for the highest output rate the customer will require in that field.
  • The X35 Apollo uses the flow meter to measure flow and bypasses excess back to the top of the tank.
  • This kit provides an ADDITION to an existing liquid system that is fixed rate. It allows the X35 Apollo controller to control rate via the regulating valve/flow meter combination (included) and bypass plumbing (included).
  • Refer to the liquid controller kit drawing for air seeder frame layout:
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This interface kit allows the X35 to control rate on 6 to 10 sections of an NH3 system.
This is done by adding a second ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in series with the existing ECU on the air seeder cart. This second ECU connects to the existing NH3 control system. The included harnesses connect directly to Raven Boom harnesses.
Raven harness part #’s that are required when connecting to Bourgault NH3 auxiliary rate control adapter harness for the Topcon Apollo system are:
  • 6-section: 115-0171-838
  • 8-section: 115-3001-083
  • 9 or 10-section (depending on master valve set-up): 115-3001-185
  • Full 10-section: 115-3001-209
When ordered with an air seeder it gets factory installed on the air seeder tank. It connects to the main ECU on the air seeder, and then harnesses run to either the front or back of the air seeder tank, depending on seeding system configuration.
The Bourgault Seed Rate Controller software on the X35 is capable of controlling NH3 by turning sections on and off as required to get full coverage of the field.
NOTE: A signal better than WAAS is recommended.
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  • An additional harness is required when an X35 Apollo system will be used with a 2012 model year seed drill, or older. Click here to download a PDF schematic of the harness.
  • After Market Blockage Packages for 2015 Topcon Apollo units: An additional "Blockage Ready" or "ASC/Blockage Ready" package harness is required on a LEADING A/S.


  • Auto Steer Capabilities - Add required components to an “Auto Steer Ready” tractor and connect the X35 for complete steering control.

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