Bourgault CD Paralink Frame Mounted Seeder

Balance of Scale & ProductivityCD Frame Mounted Seeders™


The CD Frame Mounted Seeder (FMS™) by Bourgault successfully a degree of productivity typically unachievable at this scale. Producers can now employ minimal or zero till seeding techniques, as well as one pass product application with up to 4 products! Two different coulter opener options round out the most versatile single implement seeding system on the market.

Durable Construction

The Bourgault FMS heavy-duty frame ensures reliable service through many seasons

The superior design of the heavy-duty, 5" x 5" two-row frame ensures reliable service through many seasons and is backed up with a 3-year frame warranty.

Bourgault Limited 3 Year Warranty
  • The drill frame is designed to transfer draft forces evenly throughout the working width for even soil penetration;
  • The solid draw hitch is fixed onto the frame to achieve effective loading to the hitch of the tractor;

ParaLink Walking™ Axle Opener

Achieve low disturbance seeding accuracy with ParaLink Walking Axle Opener on 3720 PCD

The renowned ParaLink Walking™ Axle Opener (PLW™), available on the CD Frame Mounted Seeder™, provides a platform for low disturbance seeding and accuracy with its unique walking axle seed depth design.

The PLW™ Opener features the low disturbance LDx™ Scraper, designed to create minimal disturbance while placing product into the soil.

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ParaLink Row™ Opener

The ParaLink Row™ Opener (PLR™) provides two very distinct advantages in today's coulter drill market.

  • Developed in conjunction with the Air Planter™ Product Delivery System, the PLR™ offers Producers the distinct advantage to seed and plant with the same implement!
  • The durability and ingenuity built into the PLR™ Opener makes it longer lasting and easier to set than the competition. Get more seasons from the wearing components such as the coulter or the scraper boot with the Bourgault PLR™ Opener.
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Hitch Options

Front Hitch Extension

3-Point Hitch Package

The optional draw bar allows the FMS™ to be operated with a three-point hitch tractor.

Additional front hitch options:

  • Category 4 Socket - 3 Bolt;
  • Category 5 Socket - 3 Bolt.

Hitch Extension

A front hitch extension is required if the tractor is:

  • over 3m (10') wide and drill is equipped with MRBs®;
  • over 4.2m (13' 9") wide and drill is not equipped with MRBs®.
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