PLR™  Opener Arm


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Parallel Arms

The parallel arms, in conjunction with the outside cleaner/gauge wheel, maintain extremely accurate seeding depth in all terrain conditions.

Coulter Disk

The coulter disk is set on 7° lateral and 10° vertical compound angles to ensure effective soil penetration and consistent seed placement, regardless of the soil conditions.

Outside Cleaner/Gauge Wheel

The outside cleaner/gauge wheel is positioned directly in-line with the planter boot and seeder boot, on the opposite side of the coulter, for optimal seed depth accuracy.

Firming Wheel

The seed is then pressed into the moist seedbed by the firming wheel, ensuring excellent seed-tosoil contact even in dry conditions.

Simple Packer Setting

Packing pressure can be adjusted from 90 to 180 lb per wheel. This is set by manually adjusting the tension on the coil spring mounted on the packer arm.
3820 PLR Arm

Adjustment Arm

An adjustment arm controls the gauge wheel position by moving the locking knob to a different setting at ¼" increments.

Firming Finger

The Firming Finger directs the product to the bottom of the furrow, eliminating the opportunity for seed bounce.

Seed Boot

Product exits the Seed Boot and it directed to the bottom of the furrow with the Firming Finger.

Packer Wheel

The packer wheel follows behind the firming wheel to pack the loose soil that has filled the furrow to create a beneficial environment for quick and even germination.

Load Sensor

A load sensor, situated on the gauge wheel of a centrally located opener, maintains the seed depth for the 3820 PCD™. This gauge wheel load sensor is monitored by the X35 Apollo™ System so consistent and positive pressure is detected. If the gauge wheel load changes, the hydraulic pressure adjusts automatically so that the set downforce is maintained. The opener position remains consistent for accurate seeding depth in variable soil conditions.
3820 PLR Arm


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