8910 Cultivator Seeding System

Durability8910 Floating Hitch Cultivator


Seasons Of Trouble-free Operation

Bourgault has incorporated many common sense features into the 8910 Cultivator for season after season of trouble-free operation in the punishing agricultural environment.

Outstanding Dependability

4''x4''x.250'' wall tubbing connected with continuous members to create a deep profile for high strength and weight.

Designed for Outstanding Endurance  

Both the 8910 Cultivator 5-row frame design incorporates 100mm x 100mm x 6mm (4" x 4" x .250") wall tubing, connected with continuous members above and below to create a deep profile. This design allows force to be transferred effectively throughout the frame ensuring uniform soil penetration and consistent seed placement, even in tough soils;


Superior Flotation

Get through more and get more done.
Get through more and get more done!
  • clearance is maximized around the in-frame wheels to allow residue to flow unencumbered;
  • the walking in-frame running gear is slightly biased to the back wheel to avoid “diving” in wetter conditions, minimizing your chances of getting stuck. 

Dependable Running Gear

Triple lip seals are pressed into the hub to prevent damage from debris wrapping.
The incorporation of 2722kg wheel hubs ensure many years of trouble-free service:
  • triple-lip seals are pressed into the hub to prevent damage from debris wrapping;
  • allows for over-pumping the wheel bearings with grease to clear out any moisture or debris without the danger of blowing the seals.

Leg-Style Front Caster Wheel

The leg style caster greatly reduces the time required to change a wheel.
Bourgault tillage units feature leg-style caster wheels, rather than fork- type. The fork-style caster is more prone to having dirt and residue wedge between the fork and the tire causing premature wear. In addition, the leg-style caster reduces the time and lessens the effort to change a tire.

Low Maintenance

These features allow Bourgault Tillage units to require less grease locations and longer greasing intervals.

Wear points are protected with nylon, case hardened steel, or composite bushings on chrome pins which translates into less grease locations and longer greasing intervals.

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