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2. Fan Speed Charts

Listed Product & Ground Speed Procedure

The process described in this presentation if for determining the minimal fan speed for a Bourgault Air Cart and Bourgault seeding unit/distribution system. The instructions and examples are for a product found in the minimum fan speed chart manual, and for a documented seeding speed.

Unlisted Ground Speed Procedure

This presentation follows a very similar format, but demonstrates if the seeding speed is not documented in the minimum fan speed chart manual.

Unlisted Product Procedure

This presentation demonstrates how to calculate minimum fan speed if the product being applied is not listed, or if applying a blend of products.

Clean-Out Check

Once the minimum fan speeds have been calculated and set, it is important to conduct a clean-out check to verify product is running through the distribution system at an optimal speed.

Download Minimum Fan Speed Manuals

7000 & 9000 Series Air Carts

Bourgault PDF Download

9000 Series Air Cart - TriMax™ Equipped

Bourgault PDF Download
8000 Series Air Carts Bourgault PDF Download
6000 Series Air Carts (200 Series Air Kits) Bourgault PDF Download
I & K Series Frame Mounted Seeders Bourgault PDF Download
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