Specifications9000 I Series Air Carts

General Specifications

9000 Series Specifications

  • The 9950, L9950 and 91300 tanks have a 49/18/11/23 ratio, optimized for one-pass Producers using all dry products.
  • The 9650 and L9650 have a 30/20/20/30 ratio, optimized for Producers using dry fertilizer combined with liquid or anhydrous fertilizer.
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Cart Volumes
The ratios between the various compartments of each model have been calculated to deliver maximum product flexibility and increased convenience resulting in less stops in the field.

Models 91300 9950 9650 L9950 L9650
Volume (bu) 1,300 950 650 950 650
Tank 1 (bu) 635 465 195 220 195
Tank 2 (bu) 230 165 130 100 130
Tank 3 (bu) 140 100 130 165 130
Tank 4 (bu) 295 220 195 465 195
Opt. Saddle Tank (bu) 44 44 44 44 44
Height, Transport (empty) 14'9" 13'5" 12'1" 13'5" 12'1"
Field (empty) 17'7" 16'3" 14'11" 16'3" 14'11"
Width, Rear Single Tires N/A N/A 18'1" N/A N/A
Width, Rear Dual Tires 20'11" 20'11" 20'11" 20'11" 20'11"
Width, Front Single Tires N/A 12'8" 12'8" / 9'10"* N/A N/A
Width, Front Inner Duals 11' 11' 11' N/A N/A
Width, Front Outer Duals 17'4" 17'4" 17'4" N/A N/A
Tire Spacing Rear Sgl N/A N/A 11'6" N/A N/A
Tire Spacing Rear Inner Dual 10'9" 10'9" 10'9" 10'9" 10'9"
Tire Spacing Rear Outer Dual 18'1" 18'1" 18'1" 18'1" 18'1"
Wheelbase 23' 23' 22' N/A N/A
Overall Length 55'7" 48'9" 48'9" 44'5" 44'5"
Front Pin to Opt. Rear Hitch Pin N/A N/A N/A 39'3" 39'3"
Front Hitch to Axle N/A N/A N/A 30'2" 29'10"
Weight, Empty (lb)** 50,500 42,800 38,800 38,500 35,100
Hitch Weight, Empty (lb) N/A N/A N/A 4,600 4,200
Hitch Weight, Max (lb)*** N/A N/A N/A 11,000 10,400

* 9650 & L9650 available with optional 3 meter tire spacing with high capacity single tires;
** Refers to a commonly equipped configuration (includes dual tires, conveyor, Auto Section Control, Saddle Tank™ with Platform, surge brakes);
*** Max hitch weight is calculated using tanks 1 to 5 being filled with 65, 75, 75, 75, & 70 lb/bu density product respectively.

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Air Cart Fan Requirements


Triple Shoot Fan Configuration - 9000 Series Air Seeder

Hydraulic Requirements & Recommendations

  • Minimum operating pressure of 2,900 psi.
  • Recommended operating pressure of 3,100 psi.
  • Hydraulic flow requirements are dependent on type of air cart fan selected.

Minimum Fan Speed Requirements

Each air cart is equipped with a Minimum Fan Speed Chart Manual to identify the best starting point for specific products.

Hydraulic Recommendations

Leading 9000 Series Fan Configuration

When determining the fan option that will best suit your requirements, consider:

  • drill size and spacing;
  • typical seeding speed and maximum expected product rates;
  • hydraulic requirements of the air drill paired with the air cart;
  • hydraulic capacity of the tractor.

The High-Capacity Fan is recommended if selecting an air drill equipped with an 8 or 10 port primary manifold.

  • Is also an option for the TriMax™ seed line if the drill is equipped with 10-port primary manifolds.
  • Provides the air capacity to deliver typical to high rates for large scale drills seeding at typical seeding speed. 
  • The fan rotor is 3½" wide and is equipped with a 16 cc hydraulic motor that can achieve up to 6,000 rpm.
  • To achieve maximum performance and reduce possible coupler failures, ¾" hydraulic couplers are required.

The High-Speed Fan is recommended for 60' and larger drills equipped with an 6 or 8-port primary manifold.

  • Available for the third product line in a TriMax™ Triple-Shoot configuration.
  • The fan rotor is 2½" wide and is equipped with a 12 cc hydraulic motor that is able to achieve up to 6,000 rpm.
  • To achieve maximum performance and reduce possible coupler failures, ¾" hydraulic couplers are required.

The High-Pressure Fan is recommended for the 3420 ParaLink Hoe Drill™, 3330SE-86 or 3335QDA-86 PHD™ on 10" and 12" spacing and the 3720-70 or 3820-70 PCD™ on 10" spacing.

  • The High-Pressure Fan is equipped with a large back swept rotor fitted with a 19 cc hydraulic motor.
  • To achieve maximum performance, units equipped with the High-Pressure Fan have 1" hydraulic lines across the drill and air cart and ¾" hydraulic couplers.

The Regular Fan is only available on the 8000 Series Air Cart, or on the 6" seed line of a TriMax™ Distribution System on the 9000 I Series Air Cart.


Fan Configuration Minimum (gpm) Recommended (gpm)
Single, Regular* 9 13
Single, High-Speed 15 20
Single, High-Capacity 22 26
Single, High-Pressure 25 30
Dual, High-Speed 30 40
Dual, High-Capacity 44 52
High-Speed & High-Pressure 40 50
High-Speed & High-Capacity 37 46
High-Capacity & High-Pressure 47 56

* - 5,000 rpm max.

Recommended Hydraulic Flow Requirements

When operating independent seed drills, hydraulic flow requirements are highest when turning on the headlands. The recommended flow listed in the chart above allows the seeding system to be raised and lowered within two headlands. It should be noted that the recommended fan requirements are for the maximum operational speed (rpm) of the fan.

Minimum Hydraulic Flow Requirements

If the recommended values cannot be achieved, minimum flow will provide adequate performance in most instances. If the hydraulic flow is less than the recommended, the fans may slow down and the openers may lift slowly in the headlands. This may result in the requirement for three headlands. In typical operating conditions, one or both fans are operating at less than maximum output levels, which will reduce hydraulic requirements.

Regardless of fan selection, the use of ¾" hydraulic couplers will maximize fan performance. Avoid costly performance reductions by minimizing oil flow restrictions across the entire system.

Hydraulic Pressure Drop Off

With many tractors, maximum hydraulic flow drops off sharply prior to maximum operating pressure. By setting the tractor to a pressure setting of 3100 psi the hydraulic flow will be near the rated output at the maximum operating pressure.

Hydraulic Recommendations for Air Drills

It is important to consider the hydraulic requirements of both the drill and air seeder to ensure your tractor's hydraulics are up to the task.

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Minimum Fan Speed Requirements

The Bourgault Customer Service Center provides links to these same manuals in PDF format.

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