Volumetric or singulated seeding all in one with 3820 PCD

ParaLink Row™ Opener3820 Series ParaLink Coulter Drill™ / CD Series Frame Mounted Seeder™


Versatile Coulter Seed Opener

The PLR™ Opener is designed to work with the AP™ System.

The PLR™ Opener is designed to work in conjunction with the tried-and-true PDM Pro™ Volumetric Metering System and the optional positive pressure Air Planter™ System.

PLR™ Opener Arm Design

The ParaLink Row™ Opener (PLR™) provides two very distinct advantages in today's coulter drill market:

  1. Developed in conjunction with the Air Planter™ System, the PLR™ offers Producers the distinct advantage of seeding and planting with the same implement! 
  2. The durability and ingenuity built into the PLR™ Opener makes it longer lasting and easier to set than the competition getting many seasons out of wearing components such as coulters or scraper boots. 

Seed Depth Adjustment

The Depth Adjustment on the PLR opener is quick and accurate.
  • Lift the locking knob and move the adjustment arm to a different setting to change the position of the gauge wheel.

Adjust Packer Angle

The PLR opener allows for packer wheel angle adjustment.
  • The PLR™ Opener allows you to adjust the packer wheel angle to direct the optimal amount of soil into the furrow. 

The Firming Wheel

The Firmer Wheel presses the seed into the bottom of the furrow.
  • The Firming Wheel follows behind the air seeder kit and Air Planter™ boots to press the seed and starter ferilizer into the bottom of the furrow. This ensures consistent placement and good seed-to-soil contact for the best possible environment for germination.

Packer Wheel Adjustment

A simple spring arrangement provides adjustable packing pressure.
  • Packing pressure can be adjusted from 90 to 180 lb per wheel. This is set by adjusting the tension on the coil spring mounted on the packer arm. A special lever, stored in a holder on the drill frame, is used to adjust the tension.
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Advanced Opener Features

Bourgault PLW™ Opener

Bourgault durability is designed into the PLR™ and PLW™ Openers:

  • parallel arm design;
  • superior coulters;
  • two cleaner wheel options; and,
  • long lasting arm pivots.

These and other common features enhance the durability and performance the Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drill™.

The parallel arm design provides both accuracy and consistency in varying field conditions


The Parallel Arm Design provides both accuracy and consistency in varying field conditions. The parallel link design prevents the angle of the seed boot from changing as it contours over the field surface. This feature maintains a consistent soil flow and optimum seed placement, resulting in more uniform emergence, even in challenging field conditions!

  • the PLW™ Opener vertical travel is 16" (+9"/-7");
  • the PLR™ Opener vertical travel is 20" (+9"/-11").


The Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drills are equipped with thick boron steel coulters

Superior Coulters for Longer Life

  • Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drills™ are equipped with 20½" diameter by .197" thick boron steel coulters.
  • The outer zone has exceptional hardness for a 20% longer life than standard coulters, but allows for flexibility around the hub.
  • The large coulter cuts through trash ensuring a good furrow is opened for the seed boot.

Two Cleaner Wheel Options

Two cleaner wheel options available

Two Cleaner Wheel options are available:

  • 3" wide wheel minimizes damage to standing stubble;
  • 4½" wide option provides increased stability in preworked or softer soils.

The spoked cleaner wheel design allows debris to exit the wheel.

Greasable Bearings

Equipped with greasable 1" diameter needle bearings with seals and hardened plated forged pins

To maximize durability, the parallel arm pivots are equipped with greasable 1" diameter needle bearings with seals and hardened and plated forged pins.

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Seed Depth Consistency

The PLR™ is the first coulter opener that will serve as both a planter and volumetric seed opener.

The ParaLink Row™ Opener (PLR™) is a single disk opener designed in conjunction with the Bourgault Air Planter™ System to support both seeding and planting on the same implement.

The PLR™ Opener not only supports both singulated or volumetrically metered seeding, it also allows Producers to place granular starter fertilizer with the planted seed.

The GaugeMaster™ option ensures consistent seed depth is achieved in challenging seeding conditions. (Refer to Drill Control)

The parallel arms, in conjunction with the outside cleaner gauge wheel, maintain extremely accurate seeding depth in all terrain conditions.

  1. The gauge wheel is positioned directly in-line with the seeder boot, on the opposite side of the coulter, for optimal seed depth accuracy.
  2. An adjustment arm controls the gauge wheel position by moving the locking knob to a different setting.
  3. The coulter is set on 7° lateral and 10° vertical compound angles to ensure effective soil penetration and consistent seed placement, regardless of the soil conditions.
  4. Packing pressure is set by adjusting the tension on the coil spring mounted on the packer arm. The force can be adjusted from 90 to 180 lb per wheel.
The PLR is a single disk opener designed for the functions of both planting and seeding The PLR is a single disk opener designed for the functions of both planting and seeding
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Drill Control - PLR™

Drill Control adds critical control to various drill operations.

GaugeMaster™ & LiftMaster™

The X35 Apollo System offers drill control features that improve both efficiency and field finish quality.

  • GaugeMaster™ option provides automatic gauge wheel adjustment to ensure the desired seed depth is achieved in highly variable conditions.
  • LiftMaster™ is a standard feature that, when set will automatically lift the openers when the seeding system crosses into the headlands.

Drill Control adds critical control to various drill operations.

Simplify the Job of Seeding

LiftMaster™ provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands, eliminating this tedious task.

LiftMaster™ automatic opener lifting feature is:

  • Standard on ParaLink Coulter Drills™;
  • Optional on Frame Mounted Seeders™.

GaugeMaster™ automatic seed depth retention feature is:

  • Optional on 3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills™;
  • Optional on CD Frame Mounted Seeders™.

All seeding systems must be equipped with the X35 Apollo System to support these features.

PackMaster will help Operators achieve uniform packing.

Gain Consistency in Variable Conditions

The GaugeMaster™ incorporates a load sensor to monitor the downforce on the PLR cleaner wheel, and adjust system pressure to maintain a consistent seed depth. Even seeding depth is maintained in variable fields without manual adjustments.

Note: The GaugeMaster™ option is strongly recommended if seeding into highly variable soil conditions.

3820 PCD Gauge Wheel Downforce Sensor
Gauge Wheel Downforce Sensor

A single gauge wheel is monitored by the X35 Apollo System to ensure a set downforce is maintained. If this downforce changes during operation, the X35 will receive a signal to adjust the hydraulic pressure so that the set downforce is restored.

  • A load sensor in the gauge wheel spindle is included on a strategically positioned PLR™ Opener on the implement. The Operator must first adjust the hydraulic control to the set the desired downforce of the cleaner/gauge wheel to the soil surface.
  • During operation the system will automatically adjust the hydraulic force to maintain the set force, thus achieving a consistent seed depth through the entire seeding job.
  • If the load sensor is not selected, pressure guidelines are provided and manually set.

The final result - the opener position relative to the soil surface remains consistent, delivering accurate seeding depth in variable soil conditions.

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Configure for Your Conditions

Wide semi-pneumatic double-shoulder offset and V-Style semi-pneumatic packer wheel options

Packer & Cleaner Wheels for PLR™

The choice of the right packer wheel is critical for achieving and maintaining seedbed integrity in your specific conditions.

  • 4.5" Wide Semi-Pneumatic Double-Shoulder Offset Packer - effective in directing soil over the furrow, as well as closing the soil flap. This packer is recommended when seeding into preworked or loose soils.
  • 4.5" V-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer - is recommended when seeding in minimum or no-till situations, to focus more of the packing directly over the seed row.
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