General Specifications

3420 Paralink Hoe Drill

Achieve exceptional productivity without compromising seeding quality. Available in 80' and 100' working widths, the Bourgault 3420 ParaLink™ Hoe Drill is one of the largest seeding systems on the market, with the option of 10",12" or 15" seed row spacing and optional Mid Row Banders® Fertilizer Applicators.

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Base Size 3420-80 3420-100
No. of Sections 4 6
Working Widths
10" (254 mm) spacing 80' (24.4 m) 100' (30.5 m)
12" (305 mm) spacing 80' (24.4 m) 100' (30.5 m)
Transport Width 18'3" (5.6 m) 18'3" (5.6 m)
Transport Length 58'11" (18 m) 69' (21 m)
Transport Height 16'6" (5 m) 16'6" (5 m)
Weight (estimate only)
10" w/ MRB IIIs   62,000 lb (28,123 kg) 75,000 lb (34,019 kg)
12" w/ MRB IIIs 58,800 lb (26,671 kg) 71,000 lb (32,205 kg)
Tires (# in brackets is total for the drill)
Main Frame Center(Rear) 23,600 26,000
Main Frame Front 21,600 23,500
Main Frame Rear 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI
Inner Wing Front 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI
Inner Wing Rear 11L x 15FI 11L x 15FI
Outer Wing Front N/A N/A
Outer Wing Rear N/A N/A
Treadlite System 13.5L x 15FI 13.5L x 15FI
Rear Tow Hitch Folding Tire 400/55R22.5 (1) 400/55R22.5 (1)
Packer Options 4.5" (114 mm) V-style Semi-Pneumatic
4.5" (114 mm) Semi-Pneumatic & 5.4" (137 mm) Semi-Pneumatic
Trip Assembly Travel PHD: + or - 6" (152 mm)
PLX: + or - 8" (203 mm)
Opener/Packer Options Can accommodate up to 4" wide openers - refer to Seed Opener Recommendations.
Double Row Lockout Option 80' @ 10" spacing (8 port only)
80' @ 12" spacing (8 & 10 port)
100' - call for availability
Depth Adjustment PHD Opener: 1/6" (4 mm) increments, 0 to 2-½" (0-64 mm) range
QDA Frame Adjustment: 1/8" (3 mm)increments, 0 to 1-¼" (0-32 mm) range
PLX Opener: 1/4" (6 mm) increments, 0 - 3-1/4" (0-83 mm) range
Front to Rear Wheel 156" (3,962 mm) - Main Frame Front Cente to In-Frame Wheels
128" (3,251 mm)- Main Frame Front Outer to In-Frame Wheels
122" (3,099 mm) - Inner & Outer Front Wheels to In-Frame Wheels
*All weights & transport dimensions are estimates & are subject to change. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate/current at the time of production.
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Hydraulic Requirements


Recommended Flow Requirements

Hydraulic flow requirements are highest when turning on the headlands. The recommended flow allows the seeding system to be raised and lowered within two headlands. 

Hydraulic Requirements:

Hydraulic oil flow of 25 gpm is recommended for all configurations of 3420 ParaLink™ Hoe Drills

  • Recommended hydraulic flow should provide minimal fan slowdown during headland turns. The openers will take hydraulic flow priority over the fans.

  • If operating at minimum flow requirements, the air seeder fan speed will drop during headland turns. This may require a 3rd headland to allow the openers time to raise and lower.

  • With many tractors, maximum hydraulic flow drops off sharply prior to maximum operating pressure. By setting the tractor to a pressure setting of 3100 psi, the hydraulic flow will be near the rated output at the maximum operating pressure.

  • It is recommended to use ¾” couplers on the tractor and implement, as this will greatly reduce the pressure drops and will increase the flow of oil to the fan or opener cylinders.

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