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3720 & 3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drills

Unrivaled Selection of Sizes & Configurations

A Choice for Every Farmer

3720 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill (formally named 3720 Independent Coulter Drill ICD)
3820 ParaLink™ Coulter Drill
  • The ParaLink™ Row Opener (PLR™) is a single disk opener designed in conjunction with the Bourgault Air Planter™ system to support both seeding and planting on the same implement.
  • The PLR™ opener not only supports both singulated or volumetrically metered seeding, it also allows Producers to place granular starter fertilizer with the planted seed.
Note: A limited release is planned for the 2021 Model Year.  Please check with your dealer on unit availability.
Maximise Your Efficiency

  • Bourgault offers the widest range of coulter drill sizes, from 30 to 70 foot working widths.  Producers can also select seed row spacing options of 7½”, 10” and 12”.
  • The Bourgault PCD™ is available with a hydraulic lockout option allowing the Operator to easily configure the drill into 15”, 20” or 24” row spacing respectively.
  • Opener & Packer selection is important to maximise the effectiveness of your PCD.
Bourgault Brand Durability

  • Expect the highest degree of durability with a robust frame construction that makes competitors green with envy. The heavier built Bourgault 2-row, 5 x 5 inch frame achieves superior penetration where other units ride up.
Hi-Flotation Option

  • The Hi-Flotation™ option allows you to get into the field sooner, providing your crop with an early start. Also, HF provides you with confidence when traversing challenging or restrictive terrain such as soft and narrow roads.
Adjust Without Stopping

  • Drill Control - The Topcon Apollo system offers Packmaster™ and Liftmaster™, two different drill control features that will automate drill adjustment for more efficient operation and even results.
  • On-The-Fly Hydraulic Control - An in-cab control box provides precise electric-over-hydraulic control so you can make adjustments as field conditions change.
Seed or Plant in a Single Pass

  • Series III Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators achieve the best possible returns by placing your nitrogen fertilizer in the optimal location when one-pass seeding.
  • When equipped on the 3820 PCD equipped with a Bourgault Air Planter™ system, Farmers can achieve the precision of true seed singulation with the efficiency of applying all the required nutrients in one pass.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.