Paralink™ Hoe Drill - Features - Australia 

3330SE / 3335QDA Series

Better Choices Driven by Performance & Durability

Bourgault 3330SE & 3335QDA Paralink™ Hoe Drills provide better choices, driven by the demand for better performance & greater durability.

  The solid frame design offers less moving parts, with opener depth set individually on each opener.  This straight forward system will provide excellent land following capabilities, straightforward operation and rugged durability.

3335QDA    Producers have the unique ability to quickly and easily adjust seeding depth at the frame.  With the QDA, Farmers could achieve the best seeding job possible without sacrificing productivity.

Opener Arm Selection
Bourgault offers three different seed opener options:
ParaLink™ Single - the PLS arm features a 2:1 contour ration which is highly adaptable to the many situations that Farmers encounter. (3335QDA Series only)
ParaLink™ Dual - the PLDS arm is a dual knife configuration with the seed knife ahead of the fertilizer knife. (3330SE & 3335QDA Series)
 ParaLink™ eXtreme - The PLX seed arm design includes a tighter opener-to-packer distance and 1:1 contour ratio. (3330SE & 3335QDA Series)
Despite the distinct characteristics of each design, all three options incorporate the proven parallel link design to maintain consistent opener presentation to the soil during the seeding operation.

Quick Depth Adjust - 3335QDA Series
The 3335QDA Series frame incorporates a hydraulic cylinder and shim assembly on each front caster wheel and rear carrier to set the seed depth in a matter of minutes.  Seed depth setting is still available on each opener, so Producers can set a "coarse" depth setting at the openers, then use the range offered by the shims to adjust depth as required.
Quick Depth Adjust on Each Drill Wheel Arm
Range of QDA manual adjustment:
  • PLS opener arm - up to 32mm (1¼")
  • PLDS opener arm - up to 13mm (½") on seed knife
  • PLX opener arm - N/A (AccuSet™ Standard)

AccuSet™ - 3335QDA Series
The hydraulic frame adjust 3335QDA Series is available with the ground-breaking AccuSet™ "on-the-go" seed depth adjustment option.
AccuSet™ Seed Depth Technology
  • PLS opener arm - up to 32mm (1¼") (Optional)
  • PLDS opener arm - up to 13mm (½") on seed knife (Optional)
  • PLX opener arm - up to 19mm (¾") (Standard)
Now you have the ability to adjust your seeding depth accurately and from the seat of your tractor.

Bourgault regrets that pricing is not available for your region. Please email a request for product pricing to - specify your location and the models you are interested in.