MRB & MRS Fertilizer Applicators - Australia 


Optimal Nitrogen Placement in One-Pass Seeding

Golden Rule of One-Pass Seeding - the goal is to apply all of the seed and fertilizer requirements in a single operation without the seeding operation itself incurring risk to the potential crop.
Mid Row Banders minimize the risk of fertilizer damage to your seed by placing the crop’s nitrogen fertilizer requirements between every other seed row eliminating the risk of fertilizer toxicity and salt effect, and eliminate seedbed quality issues such as soil lumping and excessive soil disturbance resulting in premature seedbed dry-down.

The MRB® III Fertilizer Application System is the most advanced and durable mid row banding system offered by Bourgault. The extensive use of well engineered cast components, convenient depth adjustment, and hydraulic engagement control will mean more time for you in the field seeding, and less time spent adjusting or maintaining.
MRB® III - Detailed Features - refer to this diagram of detailed information on the superior features designed into the MRB III fertilizer applicator.
The outside closer tine or retaining wheel options are available for maintaining consistent soil retention over the furrow.