ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

ParaLink™ Row Opener

Achieve Effective Seeding & Planting

The PLR Opener is the heart of the new 3820 Series, which is designed to work in conjunction with both the positive pressure Air Planter™ Product Delivery System option and the traditional Bourgault Air Seeder Kit.
Seed Depth Consistency

A load sensor, monitored by the Topcon Apollo System is situated on the gauge wheel of a centrally located opener. If the pressure on the gauge wheel changes, the hydraulic pressure adjusts automatically so that set downforce is maintained. The opener position remains consistent for accurate seeding depth in variable soil conditions.
The parallel arms, in conjunction with the outside cleaner gauge wheel, maintain extremely accurate seeding depth in all terrain conditions.

PLR Operation - Bourgault Air Planter™
  • The furrow is opened by the seeder boot pressed against the inside of the disk.
  • Positive pressure from the eXact Placement (XP™) Meter directs seed to the planter boot. The seed exits at a set velocity and angle to meet the soil at the bottom of the furrow just in front of the firming wheel. Captured between the wheel and the soil, seed spacing is maintained while it is pressed into the moist soil at the bottom of the furrow.
  • The packer wheel follows behind the firming wheel to pack the loose soil that has filled the furrow to create a beneficial environment for quick and even germination.
  • Fertilizer Option - A valuable option available to 3820 Air Planter™ Operators is the ability to include dry or liquid fertilizer in the seed row. Dry starter fertilizer can be directed through the air seeder kit to the seeder boot, and liquid fertilizer can be directed through the front of the planter boot.
PLR Operation - Air Seeder Kit
When operating as a traditional air coulter drill, product from the air seeder kit exits the seeder boot and is directed to the bottom of the furrow with a plastic seed retainer, eliminating the opportunity for seed bounce. The seed is then pressed into the seedbed by the firming wheel, ensuring excellent seed-to-soil contact.

Refer to Specifications for a diagram and detailed information on PLR componants.

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