Cultivator Features & Options 

The 8910 Culti-Drill™

Configure the 8910 for Single Pass Seeding

Configure your 8910 as a Culti-Drill™ by incorporating the Bourgault Mid Row Bander® System and mounted heavy duty packers for direct seeding applications.
  • Direct Seed with Bourgault Series 25 MRBs® - With the Mid Row Banders® placing the nitrogen fertilizer between every second seed row, producers can select a narrow seed opener to minimize soil disturbance. One-pass seeding is achieved while maintaining current moisture levels, and soil and seedbed quality, to create the ideal growing environment. When nitrogen is not being applied, or the 8910 is required for a tillage application, the MRBs® can be parked up!
  • Adjustable Packing Pressure - The heavy-duty packer assemblies mounted on the Titan™ arms can be adjusted to suit the seeding conditions. Packing can be adjusted from 50 lbs (23kg) to 80 lbs (36kg) per wheel to match crop type and field conditions. Dry seeding conditions will warrant heavier pressure delivered to the packer wheels, whereas wetter conditions will require less pressure.
  • Superior Flotation - The in-frame running gear provides a definite advantage in wet conditions, so more weight can be transferred to the wheels to prevent the castor wheels from diving into the mud. The walking arrangement is slightly biased to the back tire, again to prevent the front wheel from dipping down in wetter conditions.
  • Excellent Residue Clearance - The 8910 is configured with five rows of shanks, mounted on a 10" (254mm) spacing, providing a minimum of 40" (1m) distance between shanks on the same row. Special consideration is given to clearance around the wheels within the frame of the implement. The Mid Row Banders® are mounted on the front of the frame, which cuts through the residue before it reaches the seed openers. These features all help to provide a remarkable residue clearance.
  • A Wide Range of Packer Options - Packer wheel options include: 2¼" (57mm) steel, 3" (76mm) rubber capped steel (semi-pneumatic), and 5½" (140mm) pneumatic. These are the same 22" (559mm) diameter packer wheels used on Air Hoe Drills. Packers are arranged in small 4 or 5 wheel gangs to ensure even packing on seed rows through hills, dips, or stones.

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