Liquid Fertilizer Cart - Features & Options 

Three Tanks - Common Frame

The Durable CB LFC is Available in Three Popular Sizes

The CB LFC Series is designed to offer top-notch features at the size you need.
  • Three Tanks - Common Frame - Choose between the 1800, 2400, or 3000 US gallon (6800, 9100, or 11350 litre) models.  The cart’s frame is common throughout all of the models. This option allows the user to upgrade the unit capacity by simply changing the tires, tank and straps.
  • Durable Frame - The cart is designed for many acres of service. The 8" x 8" x ¼" (203 x 203 x 6 mm) wall tubing ensure that the frame will exceed field requirements.
  • Running Gear - The cart is equipped with high floatation 28L x 26 rear tires & 16.5L x 16.1 front tires matched with 15,000lb (6800 kg) hubs rear and 6000lb (2700 kg) hubs front. Tire Options available depending on tank size.

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