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Series II Mid Row Shanks

Safe Nitrogen Application With An Edge-On Shank

The Mid Row Shank II provides one-pass fertilizer application with an edge-on style shank.
The MRS II is the ideal option if residue clearance is not a primary concern for your farming operation. It also provides the critical mid row placement of nitrogen with less moving components than the coulter-style banders.
  • Hydraulic Actuation – The hydraulic cylinder actuation provides a constant force through the travel of the arm when going over an obstacle, and a gentle return to the operating position. Like the coulter-style banders, the MRS II shanks can be set to operate independently of the seed arms, or locked out when not in use.
  • Simple Depth Adjustment – A two-bolt attachment system with multiple mounting holes allows ½" (13mm) height increments.
  • Common Mount – The MRS II shank is designed to accept a front delivery boot with a 3/4" (19mm) tip.
  • Single Tertiary Lines – Dry fertilizer product is delivered through a 1¼" (32mm) tertiary hose. The MRS II can also be used with liquid or NH3 fertilizer.
Each MRS II assembly weighs approximately 70 lb (32kg), and provides 9" (229mm) of unobstructed clearance when tripped (nominal at 2½" (64mm) working depth).
Available on 12" (305mm) spaced 3320 PHDs & 5810 AHDs.

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