MRB® & MRS Fertilizer Applicators 

MRS III Fertilizer Application System

Mid Row Fertilizer Application with Simple Shank Design

The Mid Row Shank III fertilizer application system provides a viable option for producers that want to achieve optimal fertilizer placement with a simplified design.
Low Maintenance Mid Row Application
The MRS III C-style shank is designed to provide reliable mid row fertilizer application where heavy straw is not typically a limiting factor.
Momentary Isolation Switch
The Momentary Isolation Switch will temporarily lift the mid row shanks to reduce draft long enough to get out of a sticky situation, or drop straw that may be building in front of the shanks.

Are Mid Row Shanks the Right Option for Me?
The Mid Row Shank fertilizer application system is a viable option for operators wanting to apply nitrogen and/or sulfur between every other seed row.  Operators interested in the MRS III option should consider these important factors when determining which option to select.
MRS III Availability
The MRS III fertilizer application option is available on:
  • ParaLink™ Hoe Drills - 10" (254mm) & 12" (305mm) spacing
  • 5810 Air Hoe Drills (all models except the 5810-74) - 12.6" (320mm) spacing only

Mid Row Bander III Fertilizer Application System
The MRB® III fertilizer application system incorporates a coulter to cut into the soil and create a furrow between every other seed row.  MRB IIIs minimize the risk of fertilizer damage to the seed while establishing a high quality seedbed in a wide range of field conditions.

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