ParaLink™ Coulter Drills - Features 

On-The-Fly Hydraulic Control

Adjust penetration & packing force from the tractor cab.

The Bourgault ParaLink™ Coulter Drill provides the valuable feature of quick and precise control of penetration and packing force.

  • Apply up to 450 lb (204kg) of opener down force, with 70 to 230 lb (32 to 104 kg) of packer wheel down force, along with 30 to 100 lb (14 to 45 kg) of cleaner wheel down force on each seed row!
  • A gauge on the control box allows you to monitor the hydraulic pressure being applied.
Greater Drill Control 

The Topcon Apollo controller system offers LiftMaster™ & PackMaster™, two different drill control features that provide greater effectively and efficiency to independent seeding systems.

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