Tillage Features & Options 

A Dependable Hydraulic System

Simple & Reliable

Bourgault tillage units feature a high quality depth control system and quality hydraulic components for accurate and consistent depth control and long service life.
Dependable Hydraulics
Bourgault tillage units are designed with a master - slave system to control the operating depth (either single or dual-series). This approach avoids the use of complex linkage systems that wear and stretch, dramatically affecting the depth control.
Single-Point Depth Control
The Bourgault Quick Shift Adjust provides easy and effective single-point depth control.  Simply loosen the lock handle and adjust the slide to the appropriate depth using the numbered scale.  The slide is attached by the depth control push/pull cable to the master cylinder(s) which sets the operating depth across the whole frame.
In-Line Filter System
The hydraulic fluid for the depth control is filtered going into the master cylinder when the unit is lifted. Contaminants are released back to the reservoir when the frame is lowered so that hydraulic cylinder shafts and seals are protected from scoring.
Precise Depth Control
A precision line lock valve helps ensure that working depth never changes during operation. Bourgault's patented valve ensures any hydraulic leaks at the tractor are isolated from the cultivator.

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