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Model Specifications


The ParaLink™ Seed Opener maintains a consistent presentation of the seed opener tip to soil flow


Expand to access detailed product specifications for each model, including working dimensions, transport dimensions, and running gear configurations. 

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MODELS 3330-30 3330/35-40 3330/35-50 3330/35-60 3330/35-66 3330/35-76 3330/35-80 3330/35-86
No. of Sections 3 3 5 5 5 5 5 5
No. of Rows 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Working Widths 
      10" sp. 30'0" 40'0" 50'0" 60'0" 66'8" 76'8" 80'0" 86'8"
      12" sp. 30'0" 40'0" 52'0" 60'0" 68'0" 76'0" 80'0" 84'0"
Transport Width 16'1" 19'5" 20'10" 24'4" 24'6" 25'1" 29'3" 29'3"
Transport Height (max) 12'10" 16'7" 16'1" 15'9" 17'5" 18'9" 20'0" 20'0"
Weight (approx lb)
10" w/ MRB® 20,100 26,800 33,800 40,500 45,500 49,600 62,300 64,500
12" w/ MRB® 18,700 25,000 31,000 37,200 41,850 45,500 59,500 61,000
  Add approximately 7,500 lb to 60', 66', or 76' unit when the Hi-Flotation running gear option is added. The exceptions are the 80' and 86' where HF is standard.
Tires (non Hi-Flotation)
   Main Frame Front 11LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) N/A N/A
   Main Frame Rear 11LX15FI(2) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) N/A N/A
   Inner Wing Front 11LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) N/A N/A
   Inner Wing Rear 11LX15FI(2) *13.5LX15FI(2) *13.5LX15FI(2) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) N/A N/A
   Outer Wing Front N/A N/A 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) N/A N/A
   Outer Wing Rear N/A N/A *13.5LX15FI(2) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) N/A N/A
Tires (Hi-Flotation)
Main Frame Front N/A N/A N/A 800/65R32(2) 800/65R32(2) 800/65R32(2) 800/65R32(2) 800/65R32(2)
 Main Frame Rear N/A N/A N/A 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4) 16.5LX16.1FI(4)
 Inner Wing Front N/A N/A N/A 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2)
 Inner Wing Rear N/A N/A N/A 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4)
 Outer Wing Front N/A N/A N/A 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2) 540/65R24(2)
 Outer Wing Rear N/A N/A N/A 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4) 13.5LX15FI(4)
  • *Dual Rear Wheels Optional
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General Specifications

Bourgault PHD™ seed drills allow you to choose the opener and packer wheel combination that will work best for your conditions and farming techniques

Expand to access general specifications for the 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink™ Series of seed drills.

General Specifications  
Packer Options

4.5" V-Tread Semi-Pneumatic
4.5" Round Semi-Pneumatic
5.0" VU (hybrid) Semi-Pneumatic
5.4" Round Semi-Pneumatic

Trip Assembly Travel

PLS™, PLDS™: + or - 6"
PLX™: + or - 8"

Depth Adjustment PLS™, PLDS™: 1/6" increments, (0 to 2½" range) / PLX™: ¼" increments
Rear Drop Hitch (optional) For pulling liquid or NH3 tanks with lower hitch pull points
TriMax™ Triple-Shoot Option Available on the 3330SE & 3335QDA (66' - 86') equipped with PLDS™ Openers
MRB® III Optional MRB®s for optimal seed to fertilizer separation
MRS™ III Optional MRS™ III (Hydraulic Mid Row Shank™) available on 10" & 12" spacing
All weights & transport dimensions are estimates & are subject to change.


Unit Width Frame Depth
3330SE 30' 176"-195"
3330SE/3335QDA 40'-50' 170"-200"
3330SE/3335QDA 60'-86' 190"-222"
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Hydraulic Requirements

Bourgault Seeding System

Recommended Flow Requirements


Hydraulic flow requirements are highest when turning on the headlands. The recommended flow allows the seeding system to be raised and lowered within two headlands. It should be noted that the recommended fan requirements are for the maximum operational speed (RPM) of the fan.

Minimum Flow Requirements

  • Recommended hydraulic flow should provide minimal fan slowdown during headland turns. The openers will take hydraulic flow priority over the fans.
  • If operating at minimum flow requirements, the air seeder fans will drop a minimum of 20% during headland turns. This may require a 3rd headland to allow the openers time to raise and lower.
  • In typical operating conditions one or both fans are operating at less than maximum output levels, which will reduce hydraulic requirements.
Flow Requirements MIN. GPM REC. GPM
10" spacing with MRB® 20 25
10" spacing w/o MRB® 15 22
12" spacing with MRB® 22 25
12" spacing w/o MRB® 13 18

Coupler Requirements

  • A ½" coupler is only rated for flow rates of 12 gpm. As flow increases beyond this value, a large pressure drop is created across the couplers which in turn increases pressure requirements. The durability of the ½" couplers can also be compromised when operating at high flow rates.
  • It is recommended to use ¾" couplers on the tractor and implement, as this will greatly reduce the pressure drops and will increase the flow of oil to the fan or opener cylinders.
  • Some tractors are equipped with more than one hydraulic pump which can be set up to operate independent of each other in a "twin flow" style. This configuration opens up the option of arranging so that the air seeder fans draw off one pump and the PHD drill can draw off of the the second. Configured this way, there is no chance of fan speed drop off due to headland opener cycling.

Air Cart - Hydraulic Requirements

  • Hydraulic Requirements - Air Cart Fan Options.
  • Hydraulic Requirements - 8000 & 9000 Series Metering Augers.
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Go to PCD™ Specifications 9000 Series Air Cart Specifications
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