Mid Row Bander Depth Recommendation

It is recommended to set the MRBs 2 to 3 inches below the original soil surface. 

Operators will be able to achieve optimal performance within the 2” to 3” (50 to 76mm) depth range for almost all seeding circumstances.
  • Too shallow of a depth setting may not provide enough soil cover to prevent nitrogen loss through volatilization.
  • When operating in dry conditions, adjust the working depth to ensure fertilizer is placed into moist soil.
  • For NH3 application, excessive working depths may delay the closing of the furrow, reducing retention of anhydrous ammonia in the soil.
  • Extended operation at excessive depths will increase draft, component wear and the increase the chance of plugging.
Note: Operational depth setting recommendations are similar for Mid Row Shank III fertilizer applicators.  The goal is to ensure good soil cover of the fertilizer furrow to minimize loss to the air.  Excessive seeding speeds may cause soil through by the openers.