9000 I Series Air Cart

Capacity & Flexibility9000 I Series Air Carts


First In Class

From 22,900 litres all the way up to 45,810 litres, the 9000 I Series Air Cart provides an unrivaled suite of features and options that allow you to capitalize on those impressive volumes.

Unmatched Versatility

Achieve any product combination needed to meet each crop’s specific requirements.

9000 I Series Air Carts are available with total capacities of:

  • 22,900, 33,470 and 45,810 litres in the trailing models; and,
  • 22,900 plus an industry-best 33,470 litre unit in leading models.

Each model is standard-equipped with 4 tanks, with the option of adding a 5th tank, the popular Saddle Tank™.

The Class A Product Distribution System design allows you to direct product from any PDM Pro™ Metering Auger into any of the primary product lines on the air cart, allowing you to achieve any product combination needed to meet each crop’s specific requirements.

Tank Sizes & Splits Optimize Your Productivity

91300 & 9950 Tank Volumes

The 9950, L9950 and 91300 air carts have a 49/17/11/23 ratio, optimized for Producers using all dry products. The tank ratios have been scrutinized to provide the most efficient use of tank volume in the more common product application scenarios.

9650 Tank Volumes

The 9650 and L9650 have a 30/20/20/30 ratio, optimized for Producers using dry fertilizer combined with liquid or anhydrous fertilizer.

As well, you can increase your capacity an additional 44 bushels with the optional Saddle Tank™.

Cart Volumes

The ratios between the various compartments of each model have been calculated to deliver maximum product flexibility and increased convenience resulting in less stops in the field.

Models 91300 9950 9650 L9950 L9650
Volume (litres) 45,810 33,470 22,900 33,470 22,900
Tank 1 22,380 16,390 6,870 7,750 6,870
Tank 2 8,100 5,810 4,580 3,520 4,580
Tank 3 4,930 3,520 4,580 5,810 4,580
Tank 4 10,400 7,750 6,870 16,390 6,870
Saddle Tank (opt.) 1,550 1,550 1,550 1,550 1,550
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The Saddle Tank™ Option

Gain accuracy and volume for fine products with the Saddle Tank™.

The Saddle Tank™ option provides a smaller 5th tank in a convenient location. Bagged products, such as canola or granular inoculant, can be loaded from a safer, lower elevation with room for the next fill on the Pallet Storage Platform.

The tank lid is positioned at a convenient height for filling with bagged seed by hand.  For mini-bulk users, the 1,550 litre capacity allows for two full bags to be unloaded, even if the tank is not completely empty.

9000 Series Saddle Tank™ Location

Safe & Easy Access

The low tank height allows bagged product to be transferred directly from a pickup truck to minimize handling.

This feature also removes any possible danger from lugging bags up the stairs to the air cart top.

The Storage Platform is handy for storing the next fill of canola seed.The Storage Platform

The Storage Platform lets you bring an extra mini-bulk bag or pallet of bagged seed to the field. You won't find yourself stuck waiting for the truck to show up with more canola seed when you get low!

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9000 Series Triple Shoot Fan Configuration

Today’s larger seeding systems require a large volume of air for accurate and consistent product rates. Bourgault offers a number of fan types and configurations to cover the widest range of Producer requirements.

Fan Sizes

Bourgault has a variety of fan options to match your drill width, target application rates and tractor capacity.

  • The High-Speed Fan is equipped with a 12 cc hydraulic motor which provides up to 6000 rpm rotor speeds to boost application rates. This fan is also available for the third product line in a TriMax™ Triple-Shoot configuration.
  • The High-Capacity Fan has a wider fan and 16 cc hydraulic motor and is recommended for 60' and wider seeding implements and/or high rate applications.
  • The High-Pressure Fan is recommended for the 3420 PHD™, the 3320SE-86 PHD™ (on 10" and 12" spacing) and the 3720-70 PCD™ (on 10" spacing). The High-Pressure Fan is equipped with a redesigned rotor and equipped with a 19 cc hydraulic motor.
  • The Standard Fan is capable of reaching 5,000 rpm and is available only with the third product line in a TriMax™ Triple-Shoot configuration.

For more details on the capacity and hydraulic requirements for each of these options, refer to the Fan Specifications.

Fan Specifications

The Fan Shield

Fan Shield

Certain conditions cause material kicked up by the air cart tire to collect on the fan intake.  Fan Shields help reduce the build-up of chaff on the fan screens.


The Spinning Fan Screen Option

Spinning Fan Screen

On occasion, wind and straw conditions are such that straw can build-up on the intake screen of the air cart fan(s). This build-up can cause reduced fan performance which may lead to plugging of the air kit.  The Spinning Fan Screen option reduces straw build-up in windy or loose residue conditions.

  • available for Standard, High-Speed, or High-Capacity Fans; and,
  • standard for High-Pressure Fans.

Aftermarket kits are available from Bourgault Parts through your local Bourgault Dealer.

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The 9000 Series has tire options to suit your requirements.

Bourgault places a large emphasis on flotation. That is why you find more rubber under a 9000 I Series Air Cart than the competition. The large diameter, increased flexion (IF) tires deliver very low ground pressures and reduced rolling resistance, maximizing flotation which helps to ensure uniform germination.


9000 Series Tire Sizes & Pressures

Tire Size 91300 9950 9650 L9950 L9650
IF710/70R42CFO Single N/A N/A 12 - -
IF850/75R42CFO Single N/A N/A 9 - -
IF710/70R42 CFO Dual N/A 12 N/A - -
Rear 10-12* 7-8* 6 - -
IF850/75R42CFO Single N/A N/A 15-20* N/A N/A
IF710/70R42 CFO Dual N/A N/A 12-15* N/A 15-20*
IF850/75R42 CFO Dual 14-16* 9-12* 7-9* 14-17* 9-12*

* Option dependent - refer to cart decal.

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