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Proven Hoe Drill DesignHD Frame Mounted Seeders™


Configure For Your Operation

The HD Frame Mounted Seeder™ allows the Operator to seed with all of the benefits of independent depth setting with a hoe drill opener. The HD FMS™ deploys the proven one-to-one PLX™ Opener Assembly, allowing Producers to select the opener and packer that fits their needs.

Durable Construction

The heavy-duty frame ensures reliable service through many seasons.

The superior design of the heavy-duty, 5" x 5" three-row frame ensures reliable service through many seasons and is backed up with a 5-year frame warranty.

Bourgault Limited Three Year Warranty
  • The drill frame is designed to transfer draft forces evenly throughout the working width for even soil penetration;
  • The solid draw hitch is fixed onto the frame to achieve effective loading to the hitch of the tractor;


PLX Opener

Close Contouring for Precise Placement

The PLX™ Opener provides a 1:1 contour ratio, the choice of Producers challenged with variable field topography. Essentially a rebranding of the XTC™ Opener, the PLX™ provides the same opener characteristics as it did with the 3320 ParaLink Hoe Drill™ Series.

Note: Available on the 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™ and the HD Frame Mounted Seeder™.

PLX soil profile


The precise 1:1 contour ratio means that for every inch that the packer wheel moves vertically, the seed opener moves the same distance of 1 inch. This, along with the closer positioning of the seed opener to the packer wheel, maintains the set seeding depth more closely over hills and through runs.

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PLDS Opener

Improved Approach to a Dual-Knife

The PLDS™ Opener provides a 4:3 contour ratio for the seed knife, placing the seed above and to the side of the fertilizer knife. The parallel linkage design maintains the fertilizer knife angle to soil flow as the arm follows field undulations.

The result is improved furrow development and more precise seed and fertilizer placement when compared to competitive dual shank openers.

Note: Available on 3330SE & 3335QDA ParaLink Hoe Drills™

PLDS typical soil profile

Just like competitive dual-knife units, the PLDS™ Opener will not guarantee adequate seed to fertilizer separation in all conditions. This close seed-to-fertilizer proximity can result in reduced emergence, especially with higher nitrogen fertilizer rates in dry seeding conditions.

PLDS with Trimax and Mid Row Bander soil profile

The horizontal knife-to-knife distance of the PLDS™ Opener can be easily adjusted for increased separation, however, this adjustment further increases seedbed disturbance and reduces residue clearance. The solution is to combine the PLDS™ Openers with the Mid Row Bander® Fertilizer Applicators to create the TriMax™ Triple-Shoot Delivery System eliminating the risk of seed damage from toxic fertilizer common to the dual-knife openers. 


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Packer & Opener Options

The Bourgault PHD™ allows you to choose the opener and packer wheel combination that will work best for your conditions

It's All About Choice

The Bourgault PHD™ seed drills allow you to choose the opener and packer wheel combination that works best for your conditions and farming techniques.

Bourgault PHD opener selection

Opener Selection

The ParaLink™ Seed Opener maintains a consistent presentation of the seed opener tip to soil flow, regardless of its position. This feature allows you to select the seed opener tip that works best for your conditions and farming techniques.

Bourgault PHD Packer Options

Packer Options

  • The 4.5" V-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer provides a more aggressive, narrow profile with excellent mud-shedding characteristics and is commonly used with narrow openers (¾" to 2").
  • The 5" VU-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer provides a more rounded v-style profile with good mud-shedding characteristics and less prone to over-packing (¾" to 2").
  • The 4.5" U-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer provides a wide, rounded packing profile and is typically matched with a ¾" to 2" wide opener.
  • The 5.4" U-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer provides a wide, rounded packing profile and is typically matched with a 2" to 3" wide opener.

Note: Over the years, Bourgault has transitioned to offering only semi-pneumatic packers as they are immune to punctures/flat tires.

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Drill Control

Automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands

PackMaster™ & LiftMaster™

Two Drill Control features that improve both efficiency and field finish are the PackMaster™ option and the LiftMaster™ feature:

  • The PackMaster™ option allows the Operator to automatically adjust packing pressure as soil conditions change, providing more uniform results and even germination.
  • LiftMaster™ is a standard feature that allows the Operator to set the drill to automatically lift the openers at the field headlands.

Drill Control features are supported by the X35 Apollo System.

LiftMaster provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers.


LiftMaster™ Feature

Simplify with LiftMaster™; LiftMaster™ provides automatic lifting and lowering of the openers at the field headlands, eliminating this tedious task.

LiftMaster™ is standard on:

  • 3330SE™, 3335QDA™ and 3420 ParaLink Hoe Drills™; and,
  • 3720 and 3820 ParaLink Coulter Drills™.

Drill Control adds critical control to various drill operations.

LiftMaster™ is optional on:

  • HD and CD Frame Mounted Seeders™.

All units must be paired with an air cart equipped with the X35 Apollo System.

Retrofit kits are available for previous Bourgault ParaLink™ hoe and coulter drills mated to an air cart equipped with the X35 or X30 Apollo Systems, 2015 model year or newer.

PackMaster will help Operators achieve uniform packing.

PackMaster™ Option

The PackMaster™ option achieves a uniform packing force across variable fields without manual adjustment.

PackMaster™ senses changes in the force required to maintain the seed opener in the ground and automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure to the individual opener cylinders to maintain the packing pressure set by the Operator at the beginning of the field.

Models Available with PackMaster™:

  • 3330SE PHDs™
  • 3335QDA PHDs™
  • 3420 PHDs™
  • 3720 PCDs™

How PackMaster works

How It Works

One packer wheel spindle is equipped with a load cell that measures the actual packing force exerted on the ground by that packer tire:

  1. as the draft force increases;
  2. more force is required to keep the opener in the ground, reducing the force being applied by the packer wheel;
  3. this reduction is detected by the load cell, which sends a signal to the X35 Apollo System;
  4. the X35 Apollo System instructs the hydraulic system to increase the pressure;
  5. the increase in pressure increases the downforce at the hydraulic cylinder to restore the desired packing pressure.

The Operator must first calibrate the system and then set the desired packing force before seeding starts. 

If you encounter a wet patch of soil while seeding, the system provides an "Emergency Float" option that allows you to turn off the down pressure, allowing you to "float" through the trouble spot without getting stuck!

Bourgault Model 500 Control Box

Manual Opener Control

If the X35 is not selected, the Model 500 Control Box provides precise control so you can make manual adjustments as field conditions change during operation.
  • PHD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the hoe opener/packer assembly.
  • PCD™ Openers - changes to the hydraulic pressure adjusts the downforce on the cleaner/packer wheel assembly.

The Bourgault ParaLink Coulter Drill provides valuable feature of quick and precise control of penetration and packing force

Opener Pressure Adjustment

Along with opener up/down control, the Model 500 provides downforce adjustment on the opener assemblies.

  • Each increment of the up/down button provides a change of 50 psi of hydraulic pressure.
  • A gauge on the hydraulic block allows you to verify the hydraulic pressure being displayed on the control box.

Note: The 500 Control Box is not available with the 3420 TransFold™ PHD™.

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Hitch Options

Front Hitch Extension

3-Point Hitch Package

The optional draw bar allows the FMS™ to be operated with a three-point hitch tractor.

Additional front hitch options:

  • Category 4 Socket - 3 Bolt;
  • Category 5 Socket - 3 Bolt.

Hitch Extension

A front hitch extension is required if the tractor is:

  • over 3m (10') wide and drill is equipped with MRBs®;
  • over 4.2m (13' 9") wide and drill is not equipped with MRBs®.
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