Paralink™ Hoe Drill - Features - Australia 

ParaLink™ Opener Arms

Meeting the Varying Needs of Producers

Bourgault offers three different opener arm options; each delivering specific characteristics to meet the varying needs of Producers. All three options incorporate the proven parallel link design to maintain consistent opener presentation to the soil during the seeding operation.

Consistent Results in Variable Conditions
ParaLink™ Single Opener Arm
The PLS™ opener arm is highly adaptable to the many different topographical situations that Farmers have to face by incorporating a forgiving 2:1 contour ratio.  An updated design of the original PHD opener, it will provide the same characteristics as that proven seeder arm.
For every inch that the packer wheel moves vertically, the seed opener moves 13mm (½"), providing a dampening effect that reduces seed depth variance from a rough field finish or higher seeding speeds.
Improved Approach to Dual Knife
ParaLink™ Dual Opener Arm
The PLDS™ opener arm incorporates the parallel linkage design into the fertilizer knife mount.  The seed opener provides a 4:3 contour ratio, placing seed above and to the side of the fertilizer knife.
The parallel linkage design maintains the fertilizer knife angle to soil flow as the arm follows field undulations.The result is improved furrow development and more precise seed and fertilizer placement when compared to competitive dual shank openers.
Close Contouring for Precise Placement
ParaLink™ eXtreme Opener Arm
The PLX™ seed opener arm provides a 1:1 contour ratio, the choice of Operators challenged with variable field topography.  Essentially a rebranding of the XTC opener arm, the PLX will provide the same opener characteristics as it did with the 3320 Series.
The precision 1:1 contour ratio means that for every inch that the packer wheel moves vertically, the seed opener moves the same distance of 1 inch. This, along with the closer positioning of the seed opener to the packer wheel, will maintain the set seeding depth more closely over hills and through runs.

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