Air Drills 

CD & HD Frame Mounted Seeders

Two Outstanding Designs in One Package

The Bourgault FMS combines the signature Bourgault heavy-duty steel air seeder tank with proven ParaLink™ independent seed opener options on the renowned Bourgault drill frame design.
  • ParaLink™ Coulter or ParaLink™ Xtreme (PLX) seed openers
  • Model 848 provides 136 bu (4,800 L) capacity
  • Model 872 provides 200 bu (7,200 L) capacity
  • 20 foot (6 m) or 26 foot (8 m) operating widths
  • Optional Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators available

The air seeder is designed with the same proven Bourgault ingenuity found on Bourgault's large air seeder tanks.  Design features such as the PDM ProTM Metering Auger that delivers accurate product metering of an extensive range of seeds and fertilizers and the KNEX inter-tank system that allows you the flexibility to combine or separate tanks for increased seeding productivity.
Large, hi-flotation tires located on the back of the drill support the contents of the Model 848 136 bu (4800 L) or Model 872 200 bu (7200 L) air seeder. 

The DRILL (CD or HD)
The independent drill is available in two configurations:
Both the coulter and hoe drills are constructed using 5" (127 mm) x 5" (127 mm) steel members to create a strong frame. The front of the drill is designed with a solid draw hitch which transfers the load to the tractor.
The 20' (6 m) FMS unfolds into a rigid continuous bar.  The 26' (8 m) can be equipped with optional running gear on the wing to operate as a 3-plex bar for improved land following capability.

Refer to FMS Hitch Weight Specification Chart for details on max weight capacity.

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