Series III MRB® - Features & Options 

Excellent Soil Retainment

Closer Tine or Retaining Wheel Options

Choose between the Outside Closer Tine or Retainer Wheel for optimal soil retention in a wide range of soil conditions.
  • The Outside Closer Tine Option (A) is designed to to keep the outside of the disc clean to ensure an intact furrow is created, and help soil flow back into the furrow once the fertilizer is placed.  Typically, the closer tine holds some residue against the disc help keep it clean.  The tine position can be adjusted to match operating depth, and tension can be adjusted to suit soil conditions.
  • The Retaining Wheel Option (B) is an option for producers who utilizes a torsion spring to adjust the down-force, as well as shims to set the position relative to the disc. The retaining wheel will keep the outside of the disc clean as it holds down the soil adjacent to the furrow made by the coulter.  The retaining wheel is an ideal match for the 3720 Independent Coulter Drill when minimal soil disturbance is a primary goal.
Note: Both the Outside Closer Tine and Retaining Wheel are designed to retain soil from lifting out of the furrow and to keep the side of the disc clean when the furrow is being cut.

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