Opener & Packer Choice

Paralink™ Hoe Drill Opener Recommendations
The ability to use different openers is one of the many benefits that Paralink™ Hoe Drills have over the competition. However, it must be remembered that correct opener/packer selection is critical to successful seeding.
The use of double shoot openers that provide both horizontal and vertical separation are not recommended for use on Paralink™ Hoe Drills.
The use of double shoot openers that are physically large in stature like a paired or spread row openers are not recommended.
These types of openers are not recommended because of soil fracturing, poor soil flow and soil windrowing which negatively affects seed placement, seed row packing and overall field finish.
Bourgault recommends using a single shoot opener, and equipping the drill with Bourgault Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators when single pass seeding. Mid Row Bander® fertilizer applicators provide the ultimate low risk solution that guarantees both optimal fertilizer placement and preserves seedbed integrity in a one pass seeding operation.
Below are examples of some recommendations for opener widths and the associated performance on the PLS and PLX openers.
Tip Width
2:1 PLS
Opener Performance
1:1 PLX
Opener Performance
Very Good
Very Good
Good (best with 5.4" packer)
Fair (best with 5.4" packer)
Fair (best with 5.4" packer)
Note: When using wider openers, operators will need to be more aware of windrowing of soil onto adjacent seed rows and be prepared to reduce operating speed.

Recommended Packer Wheels
The key to packer selection is opener/packer matching. Please review all information prior to making the selection.

4.5” V-Style Semi-Pneumatic Packer Wheel
This packer wheel is a good option with the narrow openers. It focuses more force in the center which will concentrate the packing pressure in the bottom of the trench.  The semi-pneumatic style still flexes enough to provide good mud shedding, but is obviously not pressure adjustable .

4.5” round Semi-Pneumatic Packer Wheel
This wheel will work much the same as the 4.8” pneumatic (at 20 psi) except it does not have the benefits of adjustable pressure. It will work with similar openers ranging from 3/4” to 3” spread. The benefits of this tire are opener versatility and semi-pneumatic durability.

5.4” round Semi-Pneumatic Packer Wheel
This wheel will be best suited for the customer possibly working in loose soil conditions and/or working with the wider openers. It will help stabilize the opener where the base is not real firm (ex. peat soils) and is the best option for use with wide openers (4” spread) in normal conditions.
Use Caution When Selecting Seed Openers
At Bourgault, we have designed the Paralink™ Hoe Drills to accept 3rd party openers. It should be recognized that as adaptable as the Paralink™ design is, seed opener performance is an entirely separate issue to the performance of the drill.  Guidelines are provided to help achieve desired results, but final opener selection and subsequent field performance is solely the responsibility of the opener manufacturer and the operator.
It must be understood that there are limitations to the size and design of openers that should be mounted on the Paralink™ Hoe Drills.  The use of ground engaging tools outside of the intended parameters exceeds the design intent of the drill, will likely cause poor seedbed results, and may induce excessive stress on the drill frame. Using an oversized opener will void drill warranty.